Meet Bulk Nutrients' ActiveTRI Team

Meet Bulk Nutrients' ActiveTRI Team

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Dec 19, 2016

As naming rights sponsor of the ActiveTRI Series in Melbourne, we thought we’d like to take a more inclusive approach to showcasing our brand at the event. What better way to showcase our brand than to showcase ourselves. Introducing Team Bulk Nutrients.

We’ll still have our same great Bulk Recharge Zone and samples on show, but we’ll also have a team of eleven Bulk staff members, ambassadors and affiliates racing alongside other triathletes.

Our Team Bulk competitors come from a range of different backgrounds to show that triathlons aren’t just for the endurance racers of the world, but for anyone given enough dedication to health and training.

Let’s get to know our team.

Bulk Nutrients Staff

Brodie West

I’m the marketing manager at Bulk Nutrients, play premier league hockey for OHA Hockey Club, and love to train in the gym. I am very passionate about my health and work hard to maintain a high level of fitness. I’m a 31 year old vegetarian who loves to cook. You can find me pottering around in my garden, spoiling my dogs, sun baking at the beach or enjoying a nice wine in the sun.

Training history

I’ve only recently recovered from emergency surgery to remove my appendix, so this has been the perfect challenge following on from the Bulk Games to give me a goal to work towards. I have been in the gym each morning, running five to ten kilometres up to four times a week, as well as doing HIIT sessions on Saturday mornings. I plan to start my swimming and cycling sessions this week.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I have always wanted to do a triathlon, but never found the time living in the city in Sydney for so many years. Now that I am back in Tasmania, and inspired regularly by the events Bulk Nutrients sponsor, I thought now was the perfect time to challenge myself. Even though I want everyone in our team to do well and kick some personal goals… I am pretty damn competitive and want to finish in the top 10!

Nicole Frain

Most of you may already know me under one of my many roles; Clean Treats owner, Bulk Nutrients ambassador, recipe developer, formally a part of the customer service team and now most recently as event organiser for the Tasmanian Health and Fitness Expo! I have been with the Bulk Nutrients crew for about two years, but sport and fitness have been with me for my whole life.

Training history

My longer sporting history is in soccer and I guess you would say in running and athletics, I don’t sit still for long. I have participated in my fair share of fun runs and always love a challenge. But, the last three years my focus has been in fitness and bikini competitions. Looking forward and I am not planning to compete again for a little while, so this is a new direction to channel my competitive edge and physical requirements.

My training will always sit in the world of weights to some extent, I love this training style. But I have recently added some additional cardio based training. I have started swimming with fellow team member Georgia one to two times a week, doing 1.5 kilometres each session. I love the water! I have also included some treadmill runs, running these on an incline, both steady state training, as well as HIIT sessions. The same applies for the bike. At the moment I have been completing more HIIT style sessions on the stationary bike, but we plan to dust off the outdoor bike in the next week.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

When the opportunity came up to be involved in the Tri-Series, I was super excited. It was going to be a whole new challenge to work towards and with a great bunch of people.

I thrive on pushing myself and my boundaries and after competing in fitness and bikini competitions, it’s nice to compete in an event that, while still about your personal best, is also about your strength and ability, and less about how you look (even though I still want to look alright in my Tri-gear).

Rebecca Thorpe

I’m a 37 years old competing in my first ever triathlon. I’m a single mum of three boys who keep me very active. I like to keep fit by playing netball, running and lifting the odd weight. Unfortunately, a knee reconstruction a bit over 12 months set me back, but I’m getting close to where I was. I have worked at Bulk Nutrients for about three and a half years now and I love it.

Training history

In preparation for the triathlon I have started swimming laps at the local pool, running laps of the oval and I got on my bike for the first time in years and have started going on rides. I’m absolutely loving every aspect of the training and I’m really looking forward to competing.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I have taken this opportunity to complete because a triathlon involves everything I love and I’m always looking for new challenges. I also enjoy doing stuff like this to set a good role model for my boys to look up to and to be proud of. I want them to see how fun it is to keep fit and be active.

Georgia Rowell

I’ve been working at Bulk Nutrients for just over a year now I as the digital designer and I absolutely love it!
I’m surrounded by like-minded people and encouragement and advice is never hard to come by.

I currently train and diet for bodybuilding and bikini competitions so when I was asked to complete a triathlon I saw it as a great opportunity to try something out of my comfort zone! I’ve been body building training for about five years now, but only recently been training for serious competitions in the last two years. I’ve competed in seven bikini competitions with my best placing being second at nationals in Melbourne. I’m taking a year off competing to focus on my health, muscle growth and to improve my physique so the ActiveTRI Series is perfect for a short term goal, while I’m resting.

Before my love for weight training I was always an active person, I would jog daily and do cardio at the gym. In my younger years I was always busy with various sports. I don’t think I had a day during the week that didn’t involve playing or training! I played club netball and basketball, often qualifying for state teams where I would represent Southern Tasmania.

I’m excited to start focusing on cardio based training again and see how far I can push my body!

Training history

My training is mainly weight based as I lift weights in my everyday life and it has become routine. I have slowly started adding in more HIIT sessions and jogging on the treadmill to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I also try and jog after work and train around my house for at least two kilometres at a time. I know I can complete all three legs of the triathlon separately; 250m swim- 10km bike- 2km run, but putting them all together might be tough.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been swimming at the Hobart Aquatic Centre with fellow work and team mate, Nicole. We really push each other which is great! I haven’t attempted swimming 250m in the ocean yet, but since the weather is warming up I might give it a go. The bike leg is what I’m dreading the most, before triathlon training I hadn’t been on a bike in years. At first I was very rusty and shaky, but now I try and jump on the bike at least every second day to become more familiar with it again. I have been down to the bike track a couple of times now and have ridden for ten kilometres without stopping. My next step in training is to start putting all three legs together and see how I go.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I want to compete in the ActiveTRI because it’s a challenge and something I have never done before. Two years ago I completed the Point to Pinnacle in Hobart (running 22 kilometres up Mount Wellington) and after finishing I felt great sense of accomplishment. I’d love to feel that way again! I love to push myself and improve my fitness levels. After the triathlon I might even adapt some of the training methods into my bodybuilding training.

Josh Halton

I grew up in a small country town and love the outdoors. My favourite sports include: AFL, basketball, badminton, tennis and netball. I started working with Bulk Nutrients two years ago and have been using their products ever since.

Training history

I have been increasing my cardio recently. I’m doing a great deal of runs and rides and have recently started practicing the swims too. I’m not too worried about the swim, having competed in a half marathon at the start of the year. I’m loving the training so far and especially enjoying the feeling of reaching constant PBs.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I’m loving the challenge. I think the swim, bike and run is going to be a breeze. I’m enjoying getting PBs in my run and swim times. I want to compete in the triathlon to improve my fitness and to have fun with the team. Bring on January.

Jonty Morgan

I’m a 19 year old Tasmanian who works for the Bulk Nutrients team. I currently play under 19’s state basketball, as well as play AFL for the Kingborough Tigers TSL team.

I like outdoor activities, especially water sports and bike riding.

Training History

I’ve added a bit of extra cardio into my usual routine. My usual routine includes one to two hours of basketball and footy training most days. I’m now riding once a week as well to practice for that leg of the triathlon. I don’t think the run will be too hard as I’ve competed in a half marathon in the past, but I’m not too sure about the swim.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I wanted to get involved in the ActiveTri Series to challenge myself, as well as to enjoy the experience. I love team sports and therefore competing and bonding as a part of the Bulk team made me keen to give it a go.


Briony Williamson

I am currently an ambassador of the ActiveTRI Series. I lined up for my first triathlon in 2011 alongside a good friend of mine. This slight competitive spirit saw me line up for a half Ironman event just a year later and eventually, also see me take on the full Ironman competition. Triathlons have become a huge part of my life and I have made some fantastic friends in the process. They have pushed me both physically and mentally, but I always aims to keep it fun.

I am the self-proclaimed queen of over committing, trying to fit in a social life around working full time in business improvement, coaching triathlons, training for Ironman, running a women’s cycling group and running events for a non-for-profit More than Sport group.

I have a passion for supporting those new to the sport to develop skills and confidence, as well as to achieve goals. I am always extremely thankful for all those who have helped me in my journey to learn about this crazy and fun world of triathlons.

Training history

I have quite an extensive background in triathlons. I have competed in two Ironman events, seven half Ironman events, four Olympic distance triathlons, seven sprint distance triathlons, one marathon, eight half marathons and too many open water swims to keep track of!

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I think it’s fantastic to see the Bulk team wanting to learn more about this sport and have a crack at their first race in January. It’s a sport that anyone can do, if they set their mind and a bit of time aside to train. It’s a sport that takes commitment and a smile, so it’s going to be fantastic to see them cross that finish line!

Madison Taylor

I am currently an ambassador of the ActiveTRI Series. I’ve always loved running, basketball and netball and have tried almost every sport under the sun. I first gave triathlon a go in 2012 after watching my boyfriend compete in the ActiveTri Series. I started with a mini triathlon on a borrowed a bike and had no idea what I was doing. I actually ran out of transition with my helmet on backwards, oops! It didn’t take long before I was addicted. I kept training and worked my way through the different distances – sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and in 2013 I completed my first Ironman (involving a 3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42km run). From this race I qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Since then I’ve joined TRG (Triathlon Response Group) with coach Julie Tedde and continue to do triathlons of all distances as well as road and trail running events. I’ve just returned from my second Ironman World Championships in Hawaii which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but an incredible experience!

I love the people you meet through triathlon and the places it can take you. But there’s nothing like racing in your own backyard, so I can’t wait for the ActiveTri Series and it’s fantastic to have the Bulk Nutrients team on board this season!

Training history

I have completed numerous sprint and Olympic distance triathlons (too many to count), more than ten half Ironmans, seven full Ironmans and multiple on and off road running events. I have qualified and competed at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii twice (2013 and 2016) which has definitely been my proudest achievement.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I am so excited for the Bulk Nutrients team taking part in their first triathlon and can’t wait to help them achieve this goal. I am looking forward to seeing the team’s smiling faces as they cross that finish line and hope some of the team may be back for round two! It’s addictive, I’m warning you!


Alicia Gowans

I am a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, business owner, mum and proud Bulk Nutrients ambassador.

Training history

Having just come back from Atlantic City after winning the 2016 Atlantic City Pro Fitness Champion, I am in the process of reversing out and moving into my growth and development phase. So I’m taking in lots of good whole foods and heavy lifts and great growth supplements.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

I come from a triathlon background I am competing in the Melbourne ActiveTRI Series for a bit of fun with the Bulk Nutrients team. I can’t wait to get my wet suit on and hit the road as part of an awesome team, representing an awesome brand.

Team Samnee (Sam Grachan and Tahnee Wilson)

We both have a background in physique competitions, Tahnee likes to keep that on a need to know basis, where I’ll chew anybody’s ear off that mentions “Do you compete?”

We’ve been together for between five to ten years (I’m now in trouble), and engaged for too long. We both love weight training and despise cardio, so doing a triathlon is perfect for creating domestic disputes on who’s the fittest.

Training history

We’ve recently started our training program. Being 116kg I’ve done quite a lot of it at the gym rather than running outside in the 30 plus degree heat shattering my shins.

Tahnee having the frame of a complete babe is basically a gazelle galloping across an open field of sunflowers, the only difference being that gazelle has a bright red beetroot face (sleeping on the couch tonight).

Our training split consists of four days. One day for running, One day for cycling, one day for swimming and an extra day for our weakest leg. We’re alternating the extra day each week as all three are our weakest leg.

Reason to compete in Team Bulk

We decided to commit to doing this triathlon as physique competitions can be quite isolating and this seems to be quite inclusive. Together we’ve even convinced my “tiny little small silly brother” Sean and beautiful mum Felicity to come along to join in, which I’m sure will be a big challenge for us all. In all seriousness setting a goal with a date yields an improved approach to training with added motivation and consistency.

Team Bulk Nutrients will be racing in the mini event of the third round of the ActiveTRI Series in Elwood Melbourne on the 15th of January 2017.

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