Meet our Bulk Nutrients superheroes

Meet our Bulk Nutrients superheroes

Posted by Hannah Rabe on Jun 20, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

We’ve been building superhero physiques at Bulk Nutrients since 2008, but in the last two years we’ve really stepped it up!

Our ambassadors have always been superheroes in our eyes and now they’re superheroes in your eyes too.

So we want you to meet our Oz Comic-Con Bulk Nutrients superhero ambassadors for 2017.

Firstly there’s Andrew, known as Thor of Oz all year round. He needs no introduction to Comic-Con, in fact he’s a seasoned superhero playing Thor regularly. Andrew is a health and fitness coach, actor and pop culture convention icon.

Next up we have Bridget, our very own Wonder Woman. This is Bridget’s second year as Wonder Woman and how true to life is she? Bridget is a national and international figure champion, mum and small business owner.

Lastly we have Sam or as we like to call him Captain America. Sam currently works from home in his undies as Brand Development, Sales and Accounts Manager at Southern Nutrition. As Sam likes to say “Not all heroes wear pants.” *Disclaimer: Sam will be wearing pants at Oz Comic-Con.

Now it’s time to chat to our superheroes!

Our three superhero ambassadors looking fine at last year’s Oz Comic-Con.

Who will you be dressed as this year?

Andrew: This year, I thought I would go to Oz Comic-Con as Thor… To everyone’s surprise!

Bridget: I will be Wonder Woman!

Sam: Captain America 2.0. My 2016 costume was a home build. This year it’s a movie quality triple layer leather creation.

Why did you choose this character?

Andrew: I didn’t as much choose the character, it’s more like I was chosen to be Thor.  After constantly being told how much I look like Thor, I really had no other options but to roll with it and dress up as him.

Bridget: Actually Brodie chose it for me.  I would rather have gone as Chewbacca.

Sam: Well we have some great Marvel characters on our booth, so I thought it best to keep it relevant. I was considering Star Lord and Hawkeye, but went the safe route of Captain America.

Our three superhero ambassadors at Comic-Con last year.

What’s your favourite thing about them?

Andrew: My favourite thing about Thor has to be his strong physical attributes. I love the idea that there are very few in the Marvel Universe who can match his strength.

Bridget: Wonder Woman is a strong, bold, ethical, brave, kind, thoughtful, fit, athletic and all round kick ass woman!  I think there is a Wonder Woman inside all of us. We sometimes hide her deeply, but she will break out if we give her the chance!

Sam: I like that the character Steve Rogers has an epic before and after progress picture just like you see on Instagram. Plus he is quite easy to impersonate as he doesn’t have a beard, which suits my lack of beard growing skills.

What are you most looking forward to at Oz Comic-Con this year?

Andrew: What I am looking forward to most at Comic-Con this year is catching up with fans and friends I have met on this incredible journey, since having gone to my very first Comic-Con back in June 2015 which was Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne.

Bridget: I LOVE Comic-Con!  I went last year for the first time and was so impressed by the all-welcome, positive, fun, supportive vibe!  It is such a feast for the eyes, with everyone in their amazing costumes, stage parades, workshops and cool trinkets to buy!  Everyone is so polite and you feel like a rock star as people come up to you all day wanting photos with you!

Sam: Honestly Comic-Con is one of my favourite weekends. If you have an impressive costume people compliment you, take pictures with you and joke around with you. It’s an awesome experience and something I am really looking forward to. It’s great for the ego until the costume comes off.

If you could have any super hero power, what would it be?

Andrew: To fly (fast!)  I could travel the world, see everything I wanted to without needing to catch a plane and spend hours in transit. I could escape whenever I felt like it.

Bridget: I can’t decide! Time travel, invisibility, teleportation, mind reading, super strength, healing, or even just the ability to dance without being embarrassing!

Sam: I’d rather something from another realm or world so flying or super strength would be at the top of my choices.

A candid shot of our Bulk superheroes.

What’s your favourite Bulk Nutrients product for mental drive?

Andrew: Cognitone actually gives me great mental drive and focus. I use it to focus on my work and when I perform, entertain or act. It’s also great before a training session.

Bridget: I love Pre Workout 101.

Sam: I’ll be keeping my energy levels up for battle over the Oz Comic-Con weekend with Cognitone.

How has Bulk Nutrients helped you to get your superhero physique?

Andrew: Bulk Nutrients provides me with all the supplements necessary for my ideal look. A lot of this requires me to have that muscular, ripped look (for Thor) and with my daily intake of BCAAs, Earth Protein, Cognitone, Acetyl Carnitine (Alcar), L Glutamine and ZMA (just to name a few), I’m able to achieve and maintain this. It hasn’t happened overnight, but I have been using Bulk Nutrients for around nine years and it has certainly made all the difference in getting my physique to where it is today.

Bridget: I can’t train to the best of my ability without Bulk Nutrients products!  The Pre Workout 101 and Beta Alanine help me focus and push through hard workouts, the protein powders help me repair my muscles after workouts and ensure they have what they need to grow and things like their Whey Hot, Quick Protein Oats, Quick Protein Pancakes and Mug Cakes feel like treats so I can stick to my diet and overcome cravings.

Sam: I think it’s always training and nutrition that makes any changes to a physique, but one staple I’ve always used is a protein powder. Currently I’m using the Earth Protein – chocolate or salted caramel – depending on my mood.  Chocolate goes amazingly over a bowl of cereal and fruit. SUPER tasty!

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