My Day On A Plate

My Day On A Plate

Posted by Lara Gya on Jan 22, 2018

People have always taken a huge interest in the meals I eat and are often surprised once they see HOW much I eat. It’s a common misconception that competitors starve themselves and eat the standard chicken and broccoli for every meal, every day.

Lets be realistic, I would never starve myself to compete nor would I eat chicken and broccoli every day! In reality, I love my food and eat heaps of it. I probably eat more than you!

My diet structure

I follow a structured meal plan, based around my goals, which consists of 5 meals a day. My plan includes all the major macro nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and is designed by my coach especially for me!

Lots of people ask me, do I get sick of eating the same food everyday?

I have so much variety with my meals that I rarely eat the same food twice. Plus, once you have set macros and understand how they work, you can swap foods in or out depending on what you prefer!

There seems to be a trend in copying other people’s meal plans based on the thought that ‘if I eat like her, I will look like her.’ Honestly, it just doesn’t work like that. Everyone is different, therefore everyone will have different macros depending on their own goals, body composition, basal metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

I thought I would share with you what I eat on a NORMAL training day (based on training in the morning). I have chosen not to include my macros as I don’t want anyone to follow what quantities I am eating. My macros are individualized, specific for my goals and set by a qualified trainer.

My meals on a training day

Meal one – Rice flakes with half a cup of berries and a scoop of Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate.

Meal two – Brown rice with chicken and vegetables (Chicken fried rice).

Meal three – Chicken salad with pumpkin, capsicum, cucumber, chickpeas and avocado.

Meal four – Brown rice cakes with avocado and tuna

Meal five – Steamed sweet potato with green beans, white fish and avocado.

On my double training days I consume more carbohydrates to keep up with my energy expenditure. That usually means more brown rice and potato. My protein and fat intake remains constant throughout the week and on my rest day my carb intake is reduced as my energy expenditure is low.

My off season diet

During my off season, my macros are of course increased as I am no longer required to eat at a calorie deficit. I eat a larger quantity of carbohydrates, and my protein and fat quantities increase slightly.

I love experimenting with recipes and find it helpful to mix up my food and play around with my macros. I would never eat the same meals everyday! Except for rice flakes in the morning, because, let’s face it…. I love them.

I have learnt that variety is key when meal prepping and using different spices or dressings always keeps my temptations at bay. It is always good to have variation, otherwise it will lead to boredom and then temptation. So don’t be afraid to experiment! I currently have an obsession with sumac and put it on all my roasted vegetables and chicken.

Check out Nuts About Life – This is where I get all my amazing spices from! Sumac is my favourite. And so is cinnamon.

It’s all about being consistent, smart and having variety!

I also use Bulk NutrientsWPI which is low carb, low fat, high in protein and not to mention curbs all my sugar cravings. This can be purchased from their website.

Happy eating and if you have any questions more than happy to help!

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