What's the best Hemp Protein powder in Australia? - 2022 Buying Guide

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 What's the best Hemp Protein powder in Australia? - 2019 Buying Guide

Differences to Marijuana

Hemp has been around for thousands of years. In more recent decades it has been used to make paper, rope, clothing, biodegradable plastics, insulation, animal food and now human food.

The biggest issue with Hemp is that it is closely related to its psychoactive cousin Cannabis (Marijuana), which has strong drug properties. Regardless of your opinions on the medicinal or recreational use of Marijuana, it is very important to know that industrial and food-based Hemp is very different. The biggest contrast is the constituent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is virtually non-existent in commercial Hemp.

By having higher levels of CBD Cannabidiol and little to no THC, Hemp is not psychoactive, so has no drug properties.

The many benefits of Hemp Protein.
The many benefits of Hemp Protein.

Complex legislation

The problem with commercial Hemp is it looks very similar to Marijuana which means many Governments took a long time to legislate its use as a fibre. Getting approval for food took even longer and as of November 2017, Australia has caught up, being one of the last countries to approve it for human consumption. It is worth noting that it has been legal as food in the US since the year 2000.

For the last few years, many companies have in fact sold Hemp for food use in Australia, however, all products have been disguised as body rubs or other non-consumables, to sidestep legislative issues. As a wholly Australian owned and operated supplement, that develops, blends and packages all our won products, that was never our style, so only since November 12th has Hemp Protein become an offering from us.

Uses as a food

There are many ways to consume Hemp and generally all start with the seed. Hemp seeds contain a large percentage of fat (50%), around 30% protein, with only 5% being carbohydrates. The biggest nutritional benefit to Hemp seeds though is the very high levels of minerals like Manganese, Zinc, Iron and Phosphorous, as well as the Essential Fatty Acids like Lineoic, Oleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acids.

Hemp seeds or ground Hemp can be bought as a great all-around food source, however, at Bulk Nutrients, we are offering a more refined, higher protein version in powdered form.

Hemp Protein contains more EAAs than whey and soy protein.
Hemp Protein contains more EAAs than whey and soy protein.

Hemp Protein

While many non-animal proteins are marketed with claims that they’re the best and “most complete”, Hemp Protein does have a good claim to this.

Hemp Protein contains all Essential Amino Acids, is obviously dairy (and lactose) free and is a great source of Essential Fatty Acids, with 18 amino acids in total. It also has a great Omega 3 and 6 balance and is considered a very easily digestible form of protein.

Importantly, Hemp grows very well with a little manipulation, so a large proportion of Hemp Protein sold is genuinely organic.

In terms of its taste and texture, Hemp Protein shouldn’t be an issue for most vegetarian protein drinkers. It has mild earthy tones, with a slight nuttiness to its flavour. A word of caution though for those coming from a Chocolate WPI, keep in mind this is a plant protein after all, and we sell it in unflavoured form.

At Bulk Nutrients, we have been studying the market closely and have selected a 100% Australian processed product, where a large proportion of the Hemp is grown in Australia. Given the early days of the market, supply and processing are still in their infancy, but we plan to move to a 100% Australian grown and processed product as soon as it’s viable.

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Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein

100% organic and Australian grown, Bulk Nutrients' Hemp Protein is available as a raw and naturally sweetened chocolate flavoured options.
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