Start Monday - Bridget Freeman

Start Monday - Bridget Freeman

Posted by Bridget Freeman on Feb 17, 2016 in #Ambassador Blogs.

The most popular day to start a new diet or a new training program?  Monday.  Of course!  A time of new beginnings!

Other most popular days to start a diet – New Year’s Day, Tomorrow, Someday, The Day When My Children Go Back To School, The Day When I Start A New Job, The Day When My Partner Is More Supportive, The Day When This Issue I Am Facing Is Resolved, The Day I Have All My Meals Prepared, The Day When I Find The PERFECT Diet and the PERFECT Training Plan.

All of these days are fantastic ones to start a diet or training program!  BUT those days are all in the future.  And what’s the bet that when those days arrive something else will come up to delay the new beginning?  These kinds of resolutions are all really just a form of procrastination.  The things that are delaying you from beginning a new healthier lifestyle are actually just YOUR LIFE!  There will never be an ideal time, a perfect time.  Unless you can lock yourself away with a personal masseuse, personal chef, personal trainer, fully equipped gym, psychologist, yoga instructor, no need to work, no family commitments, no bills/errands/grocery shopping/home maintenance etc etc etc, then things will always be happening that distract you and take time away from your diet and training.  So just begin, where you are, with the time you have, with the knowledge you have.  There will never be a better time to begin than right now!

All too often we don’t want to start in case we make a mistake, but think of the time and opportunities that go by whilst we delay, waiting for that day which will probably never come, paralysed because it can be so hard to make a decision.  But the time will pass, and we will either have used that time to make a start and build a habit or we will have just wasted it all, thinking of all the reasons why we shouldn’t begin.

Be brave.  Ask for help if you need it.  There is always SOMETHING you can do, on this very day, however small it may be, even the smallest step is a step in the right direction!  Say you are reading this at 12.15pm.  You haven’t prepared your own lunch from home.  So of course you could justify going to the food court and buying some greasy, MSG filled, empty calorie laden lunch.  Or, you could go to the food court and choose something with lean protein, heaps of delicious fresh and healthy salad/veg ingredients that your tastebuds and body will love and that motivates you to make the next healthy choice!

Instead of just saying ‘Stuff it, today’s eating is already ruined so I might as well just forget about trying to eat healthily for the rest of the day’, you are more likely to say ‘That salad for lunch was delicious!  And I felt great afterwards.  I’m not bloated, weighed down, on a sugar crash and exhausted.  I could go for a walk after work instead of crashing on the couch.  Now, what healthy thing can I have for tea to keep this feeling going?’.  Or maybe the healthy lunch choice is the only better choice you make today, and that’s okay too!  It is actually more productive to not try and change every thing at once, just one small thing until it becomes a habit is the way to go!

Every better choice you make adds up, and all those little steps will eventually lead you to the top of the mountain.

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