Strongman Training - 10 days out from Competition!

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Jul 31, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Hello everyone. I’m still in shock as to how well training is going under Fuzzy’s Strength Program. I recently back squatted 187.5/5 x 5 sets (ATG, no wraps, no belt) and my previous best was 180/5 x 5 sets. I followed this up with 197.5/3 x 2 sets and 182.5/5 x 2 sets pause squats at the bottom position of the squat. I never have been close to achieving these weights before and I thank Firas el Achkar (Fuzzy) for his motivation, programming and a top-notch gym!

Preparation for the Strength Quest (SQ) competition (August 10) is going very well. I achieved a personal best Yoke Walk of 410kg over approx. 10m, and performed 2 runs at 375kg (SQ weight) over approx. 12m. To assist my log press training, I achieved a personal best in the strict standing shoulder press, managing 100kg for 6 reps in 1 set; my previous best was 100kg for 5 reps. I also lifted a comfortable 130kg log clean and press (SQ weight). To improve my grip strength and endurance, I held 150kg per hand (SQ weight) for 30s, and 160kg per hand for 15s. 

As always, to prepare myself for the tougher sessions, I mixed Pre-Workout NO3X, BCAA recovery (Apple and Rasberry) and L-Argenine. I have been drinking this with less water lately and I aim to finish drinking by the end of my warm-up sets. Post workout, I have been mixing 2 scoops of BCAA recovery (Apple and Rasberry), 3 scoops of WPI Mocha flavoured / WPI Cookies Cream flavoured and L-Glutamine.

Train hard, train smart and catch you next time!

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