Stupid Questions Volume 1

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Feb 06, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

Hello and welcome to Bulk Nutrients’ Stupid Questions.

Here we answer all of those silly questions you just couldn’t ask anyone else. And if your question is particularly stupid you could be the winner of a bag of protein of your choice!

First up is our winner Luke who asked…

Are sneans appropriate attire for my workouts?

If you’re asking this question Luke, then it’s probably your perfect attire. But for everyone else who don’t want to look like they got lost looking for their chemistry class we wouldn’t recommend it.

Wearing ‘sneans’ (the potent combination of sneakers and jeans) will restrict your movement in the gym, and God only knows how wrong jeans will start smelling once you start sweating in them.

Here at Bulk we’d recommended you wear regular active wear (ie. shorts and runners). Active wear is usually made from quick drying material and has sufficient stretch to get nice and deep on those squats.

Congratulations though Luke, your Stupid Question has earned you a bag of your favourite protein – Hyper Hydrolyse!

Next we’ve got Billy who asked…

I see some people loading up the bar with no safety clips on. Why do they do this, should I do this too?

Well Billy, those safety clips are there for a reason. Following in the steps of these people could see you totally embarrassed or possibly injured if a weight should fallen off.

No matter how many plates (weights) you put on the bar, safety clips prevent silly little accidents and you looking like a tool in the gym.

Next is Marv’s question…

What’s with the white powder people rub all over their hands before they lift weights?

In some more affluent gyms (looking at you Sydney’s Eastern suburbs), it’s cocaine. But in most cases it’s chalk for superior grip.

The last thing you want when lifting heavy weights is for them to slip out of your hands. So, big lifters rub chalk on their hands for extra grip.

A healthy byproduct of this is that they look about 12% tougher in the process.

To finish up, Michael has asked a particularly dumb question…

What is leg day?

To be blunt Michael, it’s the day when you work your legs to exhaustion.

Some bodybuilders skip leg day, but they end up looking top heavy and silly. Friends (and nice supplement companies) don’t let friends skip leg days.

That’s it for this week’s Stupid Questions!

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