Stupid Questions Volume 2

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Feb 12, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

Hey there Bulk fans! Are you ready for Stupid Questions Volume 2?

We were surprised at the number of stupid questions we received since last week’s post. Thank you all for your questions. They were serious, stupid, weird and everything in between.

Enough chit chat though, let’s get underway!

Our winning question this week comes from Naaman…

How do I board the gainz train? I’ve been standing at the station for a long time now and no gainz trains have arrived.

Oh Naaman, lost gains are never trivial!

It might be basic to ask, but are you sure you’re at the right station? Gainz Trains regularly depart from Bulk HQ (and other reputable supplement suppliers), but to ensure you get the best gainz we always recommend catching trains from manufacturers of quality Australian made product.

Also, part of your problem is likely that you’re only ‘standing’ at the station. There’s no time for rest, so pump that iron! Gainz trains run much more frequently the more you work out.

Train hard, use quality supplements and your gainz train will arrive. Just for submitting your question Naaman you’ve won yourself a bag of your favourite protein WPI!

Next up is Isaiah’s question…

On leg day how many times is it acceptable to “pass wind” before you should remove yourself from the gym?

Well Isaiah, we’re not sure why leg day makes you more gassy than any others, but that aside, ‘passing wind’ in the gym all comes down to risk vs reward.

If your timing is spot on, the gas could be of assistance (ie. propelling you back up after a PB squat), but we’ve always subscribed to the mantra of “never trusting a fart”.

However as we’re gym-goers there are others thing to consider too, like those around you. In everyday life passing wind continuously is fairly terrible behaviour, but the gym is a totally different playground. A lot of protein is consumed and a lot of smells waft around so it’s not quite so bad. Plus intense training makes for intense consequences, right?

It’s really up to you Isaiah, but we recommend to side with caution.

Stephen also has a question regarding gym smells…

How do you approach the much larger and stronger guy in the gym, who stands in front of the fan, and suggest that maybe they ought to try using a deodorant without ending up in hospital?

This is a tricky one Stephen. Gym-goers who are a bit on the nose are often the ones who are pretty darn sure of themselves, but then using deodorant is Gym Etiquette 101.

As much as we’d suggest saying something, words haven’t been invented yet that’ll inform these people of their awful smell and keep you out of hospital. He really needs to take a look at an article like this…

But you tackle this issue at your own peril Stephen. Even if you do say something, be prepared for him to never change. Because really, if he wanted to wear deodorant he already would be so there’s some reason why he’s embracing that stanky odour of natural perspiration.

In our professional opinion we’d recommend you suck it up and move on Stephen. But c’mon everyone, be respectful to those around you and wear some deodorant!

Alex has really thought deeply about this question…

Is the heaviest thing we lift, our feels?

You’ve been reading far too many gym memes Alex…

Sure you can feel damn good about your efforts but don’t go getting all emotional about it.

However we shouldn’t be too harsh. The gym is a great place to use emotion or stress in your life to get good! That’s how it works, emotion is fuel for lifting heavier weights.

So we’d suggest you put your phone down, stop looking at memes and get yourself to the gym. Lift heavier than those feels Alex!

That’s it for this week but not go anywhere, we’ll back again to answer more of your stupid questions!

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