Stupid Questions Volume 3

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Feb 28, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

Hey hey! Welcome back to Stupid Questions where this week we’re taking a look at the wide world of supplements.

For some, supplements are foreign and downright confusing. So we’re going to tell it to you straight by answering some of your (many) stupid questions about supps.

As always, you’ve surprised us with the quality of your questions Bulk fans. They’re especially stupid and nonsensical, which is just the way we like them.

So, sit tight and prepare to have your minds blown.

First cab off the rank is Bill. Now Bill has asked a question that is both stupid and serious (we think)…

Is there any problem with mixing 3 spoons of BCAA Recovery with the 1 Scoop of WPC post workout? Potential taste aside.

Oh Bill. Were you thinking Tropical/Chocolate or more Watermelon/Salted Caramel? Here at Bulk HQ we’re all for experimenting, but mixing a cordial-based flavour with a creamy one sounds like a recipe for disaster. We understand that you said taste aside but we just can’t see this ending well.

A certain amount of praise must be given for getting after it Bill, but WPC and BCAA Recovery are used for different reasons so there’s no need to mix them together and attempt to gulg that concoction down. Stick with BCAA Recovery for during or immediately after your workout, and WPC as a creamy post workout shake on your way home from the gym.

But for simply asking your stupid question Bill you’ve won yourself a bag of your favourite protein!

Next up is Jacob who’s a bit confused about how pre workout works…

Do I take pre workout after training to boost recovery?

We’ll give you a hint Jacob, it’s all in the name. Pre means before, so pre workout means to be taken before your workout!

Pre Workouts are full of caffeine, stimulants and other ingredients that can enhance performance and endurance during intense exercise (certainly not boosting recovery). And these aren’t going to be much use after your workout Jacob!

It’s basically a recipe for a less than average workout and a strange, hyped up post workout feeling.

So don’t be a nong. Take your Pre Workout before your gym sesh (for mad energy) and Post Workout shakes after (for mad muscle recovery and growth).

Next we’ve got Jim Dawg’s question…

Will soy protein make me grow man boobs?

Man boobs. We’re discussing the big issues here on Stupid Questions.

A bit of background – high estrogen levels in soy proteins have long been accused of giving men voluptuous, feminine chests. Does that mean that if women take soy protein their breasts will grow bigger? Hmm, we aren’t convinced…

We won’t get into the science of it as we aren’t medical professionals, but man boobs are more often the result of bad diets and a lack of exercise (as opposed to large quantities of soy protein).

So Jim Dawg if you’re after rock hard pecs, we suggest hitting the gym and workin’ that chest while laying off the donuts. And if you’re still concerned about the hidden boob-growing talents of soy protein try something else, our vegan Earth Protein is totally delish!

Stacey is concerned about the effectiveness of her pre workout…

It’s been 5 minutes and I can’t feel any effect from my pre-workout, should I take a few more scoops?

Well of course Stacey, in the fast paced world we live in Pre Workout is instantaneous! Oh wait, unfortunately that’s not true.

Most pre workouts take around half an hour to kick in, so we recommend starting to sip on it on your way to the gym. You’ll feel it starting to take over your body… your skin will start to tingle, the power will come to you and then you’re ready to take over the world (well… the gym).

The extra scoops are likely to do more harm than good. Not only will they not hit you til you’re half way through your workout, but it may cause you to crash real hard a few hours later.

Just read the pre workout instructions and you’ll have no worries Stace!

Finally we’ve got Xed who believes in mouldy gainz…

I found a cup of WPC in my car. It has mould. Will the mould give me extra bacterial gains?

If you’re asking Xed then you must be really desperate for gainz… we’d recommend refuelling on fresh Bulk Nutrients protein in a clean shaker for ultimate gainz. Those bacterial gainz won’t do you any favours, you may feel ill for a while and lose real gainz in the process!

At Bulk HQ we’re yet to find something that smells worse than an old protein shake that’s been left to warm in a car. We’re starting to believe there really is nothing worse.

Something that’s much much better is a coupon for a free shaker. Just for you Xed (and your 99 closest friends), use the coupon code MOULDY after putting a Regular Shaker in your cart and you’ll score it for free. Skip the mould and get straight to the gainz!

And that’s all we’ve got for you this week!

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