Stupid Questions Volume 4

Stupid Questions Volume 4

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Mar 07, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

It’s time…

Time for another very informative (and rather amusing) session of Stupid Questions Bulk fans!

It seems that the gym is a confusing place to many of you, so today we’re going to answer some of those questions about the gym that have been really bugging you.

Our first stupid question was sent in by William who seems to think the gym is a place for wildlife…

What are donkey calf raises? Do we have to bring a donkey into the gym?

Nope, sorry to disappoint, but donkey calf raises don’t involve bringing your furry friend to the gym!

Donkey calf raises require not a donkey but another human being (or several if you’re keen) to climb aboard your back and prepare for the ride (well, raises).

Well that’s how Arnold did them so it must be true. And with someone on your back it looks like they’re riding a donkey, hence donkey calf raises.

Or, alternatively you could do them like this so you look a little less like a crazy person.

William, just for sending in your stupid question you’ve scored a free bag of your favourite protein! That’s sure to help you on your journey to grow those colossal calves.

Next up we’ve got Jake who is yet to enrol in Gym Etiquette 101…

Is not re-racking my weights a great way to speed up my workout? It just seems too hard to unload my plates off the leg press after my set…

Oh Jake, tell us you’re joking and not one of those guys.

You can’t go around leaving weight plates on machines (or anywhere but the designated racks) because it makes the gym messy and it’s just plain rude. You need to consider the others around you giving that you’re not king of the gym.

You never know who the next person to use the leg press will be, and maybe they really can’t lift the plates off (as opposed to your laziness). Even if they can, it’s not fair that they spend the first few minutes of their workout picking up after you.

There needs to be a mutual respect in the gym, of the equipment and of the other members.

In short, re-rack your weights bro! If this little one can put her weights away then so can you Jake, be a big boy about it.

Next up is Matt who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘rest day’…

Can I still work arms again on my rest day?

C’mon Matt you’re asking a question that has both work and rest in the same sentence. You either do one or the other! It can’t be called a rest day if you go and work arms.

We don’t know what else to say… train arms on a separate day to when you have a rest day, simple.

Well, it can’t be that simple if you’re asking the question, so let’s back up a bit. Do you know what a rest day is?

A rest day is a day away from the weights which allows your body to recuperate ready for another onslaught of hardcore training.

We understand your pain of having a day off training, but it’ll help you in the long run. Why not do some light cardio or foam rolling? Here’s some ideas for you.

Now no more stupid questions about that please. Rest day is for rest and arm day is for growing those guns, capiche?

Fiona has also asked a somewhat stupid question…

Why does my body hurt the day after I lift heavy weights at the gym?

Oh Fiona, Fiona, Fiona… if you’re not sore the day after a big gym sesh, then you haven’t worked hard enough!

But technically this ‘hurt’ is called DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. It occurs as a result of lifting that heavy iron, which causes teeny tiny tears your muscles. These tears repair themselves and in so doing grow your muscles. But yes, some inflammation can occur and the pain is normal.

But suck it up, it’s all part of getting swole.

We hate to break it to you but two days after a workout is usually when you get the worst of the DOMS, so we’d suggest getting on that foam roller to prepare for what’s to come!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for all your questions so far... we love teaching you the wonders of supplementing and gyming and having a laugh while we’re at it.

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