Stupid Questions Volume 5

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Mar 14, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

Hi there!

You’re back again? Wow, we’re actually a little surprised!

These stupid questions keep rollin’ on in and we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

It seems that our answers to your gym related queries last week weren’t sufficient because we’re back again with more brilliant insights into the gym and all there is to it.

Our winner this week is Brendan who wants to look like Arnie but doesn’t want to work like him…

I want to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger but I don’t like heavy weights. Will a severe calorie deficit combined with body weight exercises give me the results I desire?

Nope, just nope.

We’re talking about the same Arnold Schwarzenegger, right?

The greatest bodybuilder of all time Arnold?

Well, the Arnold Schwarzenegger we know featured in the famous documentary Pumping Iron. How could he achieve that that incredible physique without doing exactly that, Pumping Iron?

Take a look at just how hard Arnie trained back in the day and you’ll more than likely see the flaw in your training plan.

It’s all about those heavy weights, hard work and eating for growth.

But remember it’s not going to happen overnight! In fact, it’ll likely take many years, but don’t give up. We’d recommend you first sit back and watch Pumping Iron and get inspired!

But for simply submitting your question you’ve won a bag of your favourite protein!

Next up is Harry’s question…

I overhear people talking about ‘chest Monday’, do I have to train chest on Monday because it’s not good to train it any other day?

Absolutely Harry! Everybody knows that Monday is International Chest Day and if you don’t train chest on International Chest Day you won’t get gains. That’s just basic gym knowledge!

In saying that, there is no solid evidence to why this is so. Even the most advanced gym rats don’t really know why Monday is the day for chest gains. It just is, it’s tradition!

But we have a few theories to why training chest on a Monday is superior…

1. Chest is a favourite muscle group to train and is then a good way to start the week, particularly for the alpha or perceived alpha of the gym. This is usually because they can show it off in tight-fitting stringers or wife beaters (too bad if they only train legs once in a blue moon, chest gains don’t make up for the lack of legs you’re hiding in those trackies mate!)

2. Arnold did it so it must work. This is the case for so many things so why not this?

3. It’s just a weird bodybuilding thing. Who knows, we just go with it…

However, adhering to this tradition can have its pitfalls. The lack of benches on a Monday is usually at an all-time high so be prepared for this.

So, whether you follow the leader of dare to be different, chase those chest gains Harry!

Kurt is wanting to attract the girls with his curls…

Is it true that arms should take a full 8-hour session to truly achieve that ‘curls that get the girls’ look?

That seems like a rather specific (and lengthy) time period Kurt, are you proposing that you fill a day of bicep curls rather than a day at the office?

Well, first of all, that kind of career isn’t likely to pay very well and secondly, I think you shouldn’t attempt to work arms that long (because it isn’t possible if you’re pushing hard enough!).

Arms, being a smaller muscle group than most others, tend to fatigue much quicker meaning that over training is a real possibility.

Because don’t forget that you hit your arms on other training days like chest and back, so you don’t need a huge amount of time to develop your arms, Kurt! It’d be downright painful and possibly damaging to train arms for that long.

In reference to getting the ‘curls get the girls look’ pick just a few exercises and go ham on them!

Do this and your guns will definitely attract many girls.

Here are some tips on how you can get those guns you’re after.

Next up is Brent who’s looking for a thicker face of hair…

Will dead-lifts help me grow a beard?

Y’know what Brent. You’re onto something here (like legit).

Your question has led us to delve into the bro forums and what we found is quite compelling.

Before this, we didn’t know there was a website called or that there was such a fetish with bodybuilders growing beards.

Believe it or not, heavy compound lifts like dead-lifts can actually boost testosterone which then can lead to increased growth of facial hair.

BOOM. We can’t believe it either.

However, we wouldn’t want you thinking dead-lifting will halve the beard growing time because that probably won’t happen, but being alpha at the gym will certainly help!

All the best on your Beard Journey Brent! You’ll soon be looking like this.

Finally, we have Chris’ question…

Are the treadmills only for females?

Really Chris, really? You posted this question on International Women’s Day and everything. Sigh.

At Bulk, we have many strong female staff members, ambassadors and affiliates who could out lift you with no problem at all, so we’d be wary of only associating females with the treadmill.

Do you see any signs stating, ‘For Female Use Only’ on those treadmills? We highly doubt it.

However, if you’re asking because you’re scared to try them. Don’t be! Treadmills are great to warm up, practice a 5km run and also for sprints. Anyone can use them!

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