Supplementing with Green Tea Extract

Supplementing with Green Tea Extract

Posted by Ben Crowley on Feb 15, 2016

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might have seen an article about a man in Western Australia who became critically ill after taking supplements (Green Tea Extract in particular). The full article can be found here.

While he did not take our products in particular, we did want to address the concerns that have been raised around Green Tea Extract. Of course, this situation is unfortunate (to say the least), but green tea (in pure and extract form) has a long history of use in weight loss products and is overwhelmingly well tolerated for most people.

According to research articles, hepatotoxicity (liver damage, which is what this man experienced) from green tea is very rare, and doses of up to 800mg of pure EGCGs have been clinically tested in numerous studies.

Regardless of these positive studies, we want to remind our customers that caution should always be taken when using supplements and dosage information should be followed responsibly. Everybody is unique and each of our systems will react to food, medication and supplements differently.

To quote Professor Ric Day from St Vincent’s Hospital (as told to ABC News), cases like these were known as “idiosyncratic” reactions and could happen with virtually any medication.

“It is very rare and it seems like some individuals have a particular sensitivity,” he said.

“So it’s a lot of bad luck generally but the protection is to make sure you’ve got a reputable source of the drug, that you’re not taking more than you should, you’re following the instructions.

“A general principle is more might not be better, but it might be more toxic in those that are more sensitive.

Take the time to research your supplements to ensure they are as pure as possible, and list all ingredients that are included – whether active or not. If you have questions before purchasing, get in touch with the supplement company and if you’re still unsure always consult your doctor.

Keeping your doctor in the loop about what supplements you are taking, including any side effects experienced is always the best way forward. If you’re not sure at any time – stop using the supplement and seek further help.

For more information on Green Tea Extract, we recommend reading through Examine’s page on Green Tea.

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