This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day

Posted by Bridget Freeman on May 08, 2015 in #Ambassador Blogs.


We aren’t all Wonder Woman, but we are all wonderful women!  To love your children, do what you can to make them happy and be a great role model – this makes you wonderful.  Of course we don’t always get it right, nobody is perfect!  But the mere fact that we are trying, day in and day out, means we are doing our very best. What a fine example that is to set our children – to just do your best with what you have every day, to not give up when times are hard, to say sorry if we do the wrong thing and always be trying to improve.  If you are doing these things then please take the time to appreciate your efforts and be proud of yourself.  Don’t feel guilty on Sunday to ask for what you would most like for Mother’s Day.  Your family would love to make you happy I’m sure!  And if you’re happy, you can spread that happiness all around you and back to them, so everybody wins!

I saw an interesting article yesterday about what mums most want for Mother’s Day, and here are the top five:

5)            Something thoughtful.  Examples were a handwritten letter, a Mother’s Day journal which the family have made entries in throughout the year of great things that mum has done or said, breakfast in bed or a home made gift.

4)            Family time, but with a caveat of no fighting!  Some time in the park together, a bike ride, just relaxing.

3)            A day off!   No chores for mums!

2)            Me time.   Some time just for herself to do things she loves without interruption or worrying whether everyone else is having a good time, maybe browsing bookshops, having a massage, going to a coffee shop.

1)            Sleep!  Maybe put clean sheets and pillowcases on, ensure the house is quiet (take kids out if necessary!) and definitely no waking mum up until she is ready!  So if you have breakfast in bed planned, wait for her to wake up before you bring it in.

Most of these are free or low cost!  A few more ideas could be going out for a meal or cooking her favourite things at home but being sure to clean up afterwards, lots of snuggles and compliments, a photo album or personalized mug etc that can be used all year round, something lovely to wear, a plant, a book, a voucher to spend however she pleases, a booklet of personalized vouchers for family members to do certain things – there are so many things and I’m sure children know their mum best and know what she will most like!  But the main thing is that mums feel appreciated and loved on their special day!

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