Training - 4 Weeks out from Strength Quest

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Jul 24, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Hello everyone. There are less than four weeks until the Strength Quest, August 10 and training is stepping up. The harder working sets since the last blog entry include:

Thursday: Deadlifts: sets of 3 to 5 between 250-270kg.

Sunday: Log clean and Push Press, including repetitions on 120kg and 125kg. Yoke walks over approx. 10-12m, with 310kg, 350kg, 370kg.

Tuesday: Back Squats “ass to grass”, no belt, no wraps: 160kg/8 x 5 and 160kg/5 x 5 pause squats in the bottom position.

Tuesday’s session was one of the harder squatting sessions I have done. To get myself prepared, I consumed a serving of Muscle Food 101 30 minutes prior to training. I mixed Pre-Workout NO3X, BCAA recovery (Apple and Rasberry) and L-Arginine, which I sipped on throughout my workout. Immediately post-workout, I took 2 scoops of WPI Mocha flavoured (highly recommend the flavour). After this, approximately 30 minutes post-training, I mixed a serve of BCAA recovery and Recuper8, which brought my energy levels back and began the recovery process.

I cannot stress the importance of recovery techniques. If you train hard, you must also recover hard, if you want to have a long, fruitful journey in strength and fitness. My suggestions include 15-20 minutes of static stretching post-training, short walks throughout the day or in the evening, foam rollers on your legs and back, hot-cold shower techniques (no matter how cold it feels in winter), the recovery supplements Bulk Nutrients has to offer and a healthy balanced diet, rich in carbohydrates and protein. Those methods are cheap and would take no more than an hour a day in total. Other techniques such as saunas, ice baths and massage are also fantastic if you have access to them.

Train hard, train smart and catch you next time!

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