Welcome Bridget Freeman!

Welcome Bridget Freeman!

Posted by Bridget Freeman on Jun 23, 2014 in #Introductions.

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited that I will be able to connect with so many of you via blogging!  To begin, I will tell you a bit about myself.

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I am currently 44 years old, a wife, a mum, national and international figure champion, employee, small business owner, custodian of several fur babies, and someone who is constantly trying to find that elusive work/training/life balance.

As far as my fitness journey goes, I became a cardio bunny once I left school and started working full time, luckily having a gym right around the corner from where I worked so I could go in my lunch hours… and after work.  And even better, on weekends I could do more than one class, maybe two, sometimes three.  Of course, this created over use injuries, and my body became used to doing more and more exercise on less and less food and therefore the results were never what I hoped for.  In about 1996 my boyfriend at the time (now my hubby!) introduced me to the weights area of the gym, and my love affair with iron was born.  Within a year I had myself a coach who dieted me to my first competition, in the Fitness Division of the then ANBA (now the INBA).  At the time, fitness divisions incorporated not only a bikini round but also a gymnastics routine round and a dress round where you also had to give a little speech!  I successfully competed in this division for three years (always placing in the top three at state and national level), whilst having to teach myself all kinds of gymnastics as I had never done any growing up, and following the usual bodybuilding diet and training systems throughout.  The diets at that time were pretty ‘cookie cutter’ and involved mostly grilled chicken breast and broccoli, being very low carb/low fat/low calorie.  Inevitably, my metabolism and mindset were very damaged by this, and the rebounds I suffered post comps were horrible.  In the end, I took ten years off from competing, during which time I still trained with weights, did cardio and tried to ‘diet’.  During this time I was so amazingly lucky to have my beautiful daughter.

Fast forward to 2010, I felt ready to try competing again, but this time stepped into the Figure division. Unfortunately I reverted to the same old dieting traps and whilst I still placed top two nationally, I felt like death throughout my prep and could barely summon enough energy to walk ten steps once my training for the day was done. That was it, I was done with it! No trophy was worth the suffering of the prep, or the depression post comp, the weight gain, the tormented relationship with food and my own body image But I was extremely lucky to have another way of training and eating shown to me soon thereafter, a much healthier and more balanced approach, and with this new information and the help and support of my amazing husband and daughter I was able to bring a progressively better package to all of my next shows in 2011, 2012 and 2013, winning my divisions and some overall titles at state and national level, and fulfilling my life-long dream of representing my country internationally, and winning and placing at international comps in all of those years.

I hope through my blog I can impart some of the information I have learned through my journey, and hopefully help others to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way. But my disclaimer is that I am still constantly learning myself, that I am very far from perfect in any way, and that new information is continually coming to light which may change what I think and say in the future!

But let me know what YOU want to hear about!  Contact me via my Facebook page – Bridget Freeman’s Divine Lines or via Bulk Nutrients and I will do my best to cover the topics that matter to you.

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