Welcome Jess Gardiner

Welcome Jess Gardiner

Posted by Jess Gardiner on Jan 28, 2015 in #Introductions.

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jess Gardiner, I am a Girl who loves to try all sports and give anything a go really. My main goal is to become one of the fastest Enduro Girl Riders in the World.  Basically I live a different and particularly busy lifestyle, which I wouldn’t change for the world!
I am from Western Sydney, Australia and I travel Aus. and the World to chase my dream on board my Motorcycle.

As a quick overview, 2014 was my most successful year to date winning a vast variety of competitions, such as:
– 1st in the Australian Enduro-X Championship

– 1st in the Australian Four day Enduro

– 1st in the Australian Off-road Championship

– 1st in the International Six Day Enduro (outright women and Team Australia)

– 1st in the Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro

– 3rd in the World Enduro Championships

I have been very busy, juggling between a fulltime job for J.K Williams (a civil earthworks company) driving a 50-ton dump truck or laboring sometimes, to allow myself to train physically most weeknights, travel to races across Australia and around the World.

Training is a very valuable concept in my schedule.  It probably sounds crazy, but I feel the busier I am, then the easier it is for me to manage my time wisely and fit everything in to this hectic schedule. I understand a lot of the positions of people trying to manage a 10-hour workday and to be motivated to on the way home stop by at the gym for an hour or 2.

You need to commit and continue to aspire to be who you want to become, set your schedule and timeframes, aim for your small goals and reach up to grab your bigger goals. Make sure you are proud of every little step forward you make for yourself.

My work schedule has come to a pause at the moment to allow me some time to knuckle down and progress forward training hard on my bike everyday during this part of the off-season (training season). I am in the South of France currently until the end of January, working on board my 2014 World Enduro Championship bike from the Sherco Factory. My Australian race season will begin in QLD on the 7th Feb for the first round of the Australian Enduro-X Championship. It’s a bit cold over here and my friends and family keep telling me how crazy hot it’s been in Aus., so keep hydrated everyone and enjoy the beautiful Aussie Summer.

I will touch base again upon my flight home to fill you in on my adventures in France.

Jess Gardiner- #737

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