Welcome Lindsay Perry

Welcome Lindsay Perry

Posted by Lindsay Perry on Apr 23, 2015 in #Introductions.

Hi everyone, I’m Lindsay!

What inspired me to get back into fitness was after the birth of my second son I joined the local gym in a quest to get my “body back”. I trained in the mornings, and by 9am, I had the house spotless, dinner prepared and hot muffins coming out of the oven.  I loved my new found energy and productivity at home, especially as a mum of two under the age of 3!

The trainers were my main inspiration, as after every RPM session, or fitness assessment I had, I always felt incredible.  This is where my passion for health and fitness was born, I remember thinking “what if I could make others feel as good as I do?”. They then guided me toward my fitness course, assisted me with workplace assessments and I have now have proudly been a personal trainer for just over 3 years.

Now I have the privilege to inspire others and passionately help them to change their lives.

My goals in life are to educate and inspire.  Any ages, any fitness level.  If I can make one small difference in someone’s quest for better health, it makes me feel great.

My fitness aspirations are to conquer my mindset and achieve a better package for my next Fitness Competition for 2015 with the INBA.  I love the challenge, productivity, the personal achievements and hustle to achieve something that takes mind, body and soul in the lead up to this sport.

I’m really happy to be a Bulk Nutrients Brand Ambassador and I love being a part of the products lab testing. Ensuring peace of mind, purity and premium quality products, that not only taste great but suit my household budget ensuring I can achieve optimum health for my goals and lifestyle.

Look forward to chatting soon!

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