What can a personal trainer claim back on tax?

What can a personal trainer claim back on tax?

Posted by Sam Grachan on Jun 19, 2018

It’s almost tax time and our Accounts Manager Sam Grachan is here to help you know exactly what you can claim back as a health and fitness professional.

What is tax?

In a nutshell, tax is a sum of money all Aussies are required to pay the government to help fund public services.

The most relevant ‘tax’ is income tax which comes out of the money we earn. By law, at the end of each financial year each person must complete a tax return to ensure they don’t owe any outstanding tax or some lucky ducks may be entitled to get some back! (that’s what we’re talking about today).

If you work as a Personal Trainer or Coach, you probably incur a few additional expenses compared to a regular office worker. So can you claim it back on tax come July?

I chatted with my accountant James Roach to find all the answers…

What you can claim back


If you’re a busy bee carrying equipment to and from venues, you can claim back your travel costs!

This is most relevant for boot camp style PTs who transport kettlebells, battle ropes and all their gear from destination to destination.  However, if you’re travelling to watch a client perform in sport you can’t claim it back on tax.


If you’re working on improving your skills to better support clients and improve your status as a PT, you can claim it back.

This includes any educational training course that improves your job prospects in the industry. For example, if you’re working as a group instructor with a Certificate 3 only, Certificate 4 would be claimable as a deduction.

Phone expenses

Ring ring! Phone expenses and data packs are deductible for the portion of business usage.

Home office supplies

Just like your mobile expenses, supplies for your home office expenses can also be claimed for the percentage of business use

This is relevant for anyone managing programs and creating plans for clients from home.

Gym fees

Any fees incurred to become or remain a personal trainer in a gym can be claimed. For example, a monthly fee to ‘rent’ space as a personal trainer in a gym.

Uniform costs

If where you work requires a specific uniform that you need to pay for, you can claim it back. This is brilliant for those who have to fork out for bright and sometimes hideous uniforms ;)

You’re also entitled to claim back laundering costs for that uniform.

As a PT you can claim back on relevant training, travel and uniform costs

What you can’t claim back


As much as you’d love to claim that fresh new Gymshark kit on tax… you really can’t.

Even though you’re purchasing industry-specific gym clothing and shoes, it can’t be claimed on tax unless it’s a compulsory uniform.

Gym membership

As a general rule of thumb, PT’s can’t claim back costs of a gym membership. To be reimbursed for gym membership costs, a person must be able to prove that they are required to maintain a fitness standard well above the average person. Only two professions qualify for this ‘well above average’ fitness level; defence force members and professional athletes.

So, unfortunately, the ATO isn’t keen on paying that $50 a week fee for F45 classes! ;)


We’re sorry to say that you can’t claim back supplement costs, no matter how many gains that Choc Honeycomb PM+ gave you.

This falls into the same basket as not being able to claim back groceries as it’s classed as an additional cost incurred by a choice you made rather than a necessity.

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