What does it take to be a Strongman? Training and Goals with Elias Arcondoulis

What does it take to be a Strongman? Training and Goals with Elias Arcondoulis

Posted by Elias Arcondoulis on Jul 09, 2014 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Hello everyone.

Training has been hard lately. I have been focussing on volume style training to improve my squats, deadlifts and overall output power. I am being coached by Powerlifting champion Firas el Achkar (a.k.a. “Fuzzy”) at his gym in Welland. The volume training has been a refreshing change, something that I have needed to beat previous milestones. I have been squatting sets of 10, something I haven’t done for years.

Currently I am preparing for a Strongman competition called the Strength Quest on August 10. I aim to achieve an E2 Grade (best grade possible) which will allow me to compete in the Under 105kg Strongman Competition at the Arnold Classic. This would be an honour for me.

To achieve an E2 grading, I will need to carry a 375kg yoke on my shoulders over 15m, a 130kg log clean-and-press, a 300kg deadlift and a 150kg farmers walk per hand over 25m. I have been able to perform all of these lifts in training; completing it on the day is my goal.

Last Sunday I achieved a personal best with the deadlift, managing a 302.5kg raw lift in training. My previous best was 300kg which I lifted in August 2012. It was a well overdue personal best and it felt amazing. I did this after a 12m yoke run with 380kg and a 130kg log clean and press.

My supplementation regime currently consists of BCAA recovery (Apple and Rasberry) mixed with L-Arginine during training. Post training I have another serve of BCAA recovery, WPI Choc-Mint and L-Glutamine. For some of the longer training sessions which are over 2 hours, I will replace the BCAA recovery drink during training with Recuper8, to ensure I have an adequate quantity of carbohydrates.

Train hard, train smart and catch you next time!

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