What Should I Take After My Workout?

What Should I Take After My Workout?

Posted by Kyle Williams on Jan 17, 2017 in #Ambassador Blogs.

Practicing good exercise nutrition, specifically targeted supplementation, is one of the keys to training success. Whether you train for aesthetics or performance, there are three key nutritional windows you should be optimising: What you consume before training (pre-workout), during (intra-workout), and after training (post-workout).

At Bulk Nutrients, we have many great options for each workout window. In the previous blogs, we have discussed pre-workout and intra-workout strategies – Now let’s focus on your best post-workout options.

When considering post-workout supplement options, the key rule is this: You get fitter and stronger post-workout, once you recover from the training stimulus. Put a different way: ‘You only get da gainz bra’ after training and supplementing properly!

Thus, your post-workout goal is simple: Consume appropriate supplementation to maximise recovery from the training session.

This goal is best achieved by:

  1. Using an appropriate pre-workout and intra-workout supplementation plan and/or:
  2. Consuming a Bulk Nutrients product best suited to your post-workout performance goals.

Post-workout strategies

Whether you have a strength/hypertrophy or endurance focus, you need to consume quality carbohydrates and protein immediately post-training. This is when your body is best primed for consuming them. Aim for a minimum ration of 2:1 carbohydrates/protein, but higher is better for muscle growth, faster recovery, and for endurance athletes – try a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. You can do this several different ways including:

If you’re focussed on fat loss or in a comp prep phase, you may choose to minimise the carbohydrates, but should still consume around 30 grams of protein post-workout.

My personal post-workout strategy

  • Intra-workout: 60 grams of Muscle Food 101 in Chocolate consumed during training (3/4 of normal 80 gram serving).
  • Post-workout: 1 serving of Bulk Nutrients Quick Protein Oats mixed with 125 grams of fresh berries (raspberries are my favourite) and ½ tablespoon of honey. This gives me an excellent ratio of 2:1 carbohydrates/protein of around 80 grams of carbohydrates and 37 grams of protein – it’s also damn tasty!

This is the final edition of our effective training supplementation series. We hope you’ve gained some valuable insights into how to best build and maintain your training and aesthetic goals through proper nutritional supplementation.

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