What Should I Take Before My Workout?

What Should I Take Before My Workout?

Posted by Kyle Williams on Jan 04, 2017

Practicing good exercise nutrition, specifically targeted supplementation, is one of the keys to training success. Whether you training for aesthetics or performance, there are three key nutritional windows you should be optimising: What you consume before training (pre-workout), during (intra-workout), and after training (post-workout).

At Bulk Nutrients, we have several great options for each workout window. In this blog, we will examine your best pre-workout options.

When considering pre-workout supplement options, your primary goals should be to maximise your subsequent training session by priming your mental & physical state. This is best achieved through our pre-workout range of blended formulas to stimulate the mind and prime the body for maximum performance.

The best options for this are Bulk Nutrients’ pre-workouts:

For those seeking hypertrophy and/or bulking

Add a pre-workout serving of Muscle Food 101 to get clean carbohydrates and protein needed for muscle building.

For those seeking fat loss

Substitute the pre-workouts for our AM Burner as this will maximise fat burning, whilst providing a solid mental and physical stimulative hit.

For endurance (any sessions over two hours) trainers

Consider consuming one serving of Recuper8 or Electrolyte+ to fuel up pre-training. If you want a lower carbohydrate option, try this mix of one serving of  BCAA Recovery with 10 millilitres of MCT Oil.

Look out for the next installment on how best to use supplements intra-workout on our blog next week.

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