What Should I Take During My Workout?

What Should I Take During My Workout?

Posted by Kyle Williams on Jan 10, 2017

Practicing good exercise nutrition, specifically targeted supplementation, is one of the keys to training success. Whether you train for aesthetics or performance, there are three key nutritional windows you should be optimising: What you consume before training (pre-workout), during training (intra-workout), and after training (post-workout).

At Bulk Nutrients, we have several great options for each workout window. In a previous blog, we discussed pre-workout strategies – now let’s focus on your best intra-workout options.

When considering intra-workout supplement options, your goal should be two-fold:

  1. Maximise your performance during the training session; and
  2. Maximise recovery from the training session in conjunction with your post-workout strategy.

These two goals are best achieved by:

  1. Using a pre-workout fueling strategy as outlined in our last blog; and
  2. Consuming a Bulk Nutrients product best suited to your performance goals.
  3. For those with a strength or hypertrophy focus

Your best bet is to consume a half to full serving of Muscle Food 101 to get clean carbohydrates and protein needed for intra-session energy and post-workout muscle building. If you’re in a comp prep phase or just want a lower-calorie option, consume one serving of BCAA Recovery during your session.

For fat loss

The best option is to train fasted (i.e. don’t consume anything but water during training). If you’re worried about muscle loss (atrophy) during fasted training and/or have to back-up for more hard training during the week, consume one serving of BCAA Recovery during your session.

For endurance based sessions, (90-minutes and beyond)

You will definitely benefit from one serving of Recuper8 or Electrolyte+ during the session.  If you want a lower carbohydrate option, consume one serving of BCAA Recovery every 60-minutes (1.5 servings every 90-minutes). If you want to skip the carbohydrates and just focus on putting back in what the sweat takes out, then try our Electrolyte Blend. If you want a ‘keto-friendly’ option, try this mix of one serving of  BCAA Recovery with 10 millilitres of MCT Oil.

Look out for the last installment on how best to use supplements post-workout on our blog next week.

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