What's New At Bulk HQ?

What's New At Bulk HQ?

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Nov 27, 2017 in #Feature Articles.

We’ve had a busy few months at Bulk HQ and as a result so many great new products and flavours have come out of the works!

So we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d missed one of two of them.

At Bulk Nutrients we’re constantly taking on board customer feedback and redeveloping our products to make them the best they can be. We’re also always willing to try out new flavour suggestions and our R & D Team are constantly on the hunt for the next best flavour.

Here’s a little refresher to keep you up to speed on our latest products!

Protein Matrix + in Choc Honeycomb

That’s right Choc Honeycomb!

While we’ve had Choc Honeycomb available as a flavour in our Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) for a little while, we’ve only just released it in our Protein Matrix range.

Our Matrix is a blend of WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein which gives it that thicker, creamier consistency. This creaminess combined with Choc Honeycomb flavour works a treat and makes you feel like you’re indulging in something a little bit naughty while sipping on your high protein, low carb and low fat shake!

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go or request a free sample to try first here.

BCAA Recovery in Lemonade

Our BCAA Recovery has long been an extremely popular product of ours, so releasing a new flavour for everyone to enjoy was a no brainer. However, finding the perfect flavour to refresh and re-hydrate proved a bit more difficult. With so many great flavours around and so many awesome suggestions from you guys, deciding on just one was quite hard.

Lemonade flavour in our Future Whey was a huge hit and has also proved to be so in our BCAA Recovery.

BCAA Recovery is our HASTA cerified blend of BCAAs and Electrolytes designed to help speed up the muscle recovery process and keep the body hydrated. Sipping on this during a workout will not only help with DOMs over the next few days, but it will also freshen your palate when you’re feeling hot and sweaty.

You can grab a bag of our new Lemonade flavour here or grab a free sample to try first here.

Quick Protein Ball Mix in Rocky Road

Yes, you heard right… Rocky Road!

Our Limited Edition Protein Matrix + in Rocky Road during our Christmas in July promotion was so popular we thought we’d try this flavour again in another product. And what better product to try it on than our already rich and decadent Protein Ball Mix.

Our Quick Protein Ball Mix takes the hassle out of making protein-packed snacks. It comes in powder form and you simply add water, mix and roll into balls. Save yourself time and cash on buying all of your ingredients separately with this one easy to make packet.

The mix is macro friendly featuring high protein, slow release carbs and healthy fats from nuts and seeds to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your diet on track. Best yet our new batch features our original rich chocolate flavour with the addition of raspberry and marshmallow undertones.

Grab yourself some here.

Beef Protein Isolate in Double Choc

Choc Coconut is out and Double Choc is in for an even richer tasting experience.

Our Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) is made of 100% hydrolysed Beef Protein, with the only other additives being flavouring and sweetener. It contains up to 95% pure protein per serve and has zero carbs or fats.

If you’re looking for a super pure source of protein and aren’t too concerned about an overly creamy consistency, then this is the protein for you.

Like many of our products, if you haven’t tried it before we recommend trying a free sample first so you can get an idea for the taste and texture. You can grab one here.

Pre Workout 101 in Berry Lemonade

Our HASTA certified Pre Workout 101 has been extremely popular since we originally released it and in our eyes, it’s about time we added a new and exciting flavour to the range!

Berry Lemonade came as a result of vast flavour testing and due to the popularity of Lemonade flavour in our BCAA Recovery and Future Whey.

It’s a sweet and sour mix of berry and lemon which is sure to please your palate and give you that extra burst of energy to annihilate your workout.

Pre Workout 101 is our premium pre workout product. It’s made from a blend of caffeine and 100% pharmaceutical grade amino acids designed to enhance performance and endurance.

The HASTA certification means every run in this range is batch tested to give you 100% certainty that you won’t be busted in any ASADA/WADA tested sports.

To grab a bag of our Pre Workout 101 click here, or request a free sample here.

100% Natural Hemp Protein

Our final and most recent product release is one we’ve been quite excited about for a while now – Hemp Protein.

On the 12th of November, legislation was finally changed to allow the sale of hemp foods in Australia. Hemp foods have been available in many other countries for quite some time and we are the most recent to jump aboard.

Hemp seeds have a range of great health benefits. They’re high in protein, omega fatty acids, fibre and a range of minerals to enhance general health and well-being. You can read more about their benefits in this blog.

Our Hemp Protein is made from 100% natural hemp seeds and has no added flavours or sweeteners.

For this reason it is a raw product and its natural flavour and texture is quite nutty and grainy. Therefore it’s best added to smoothies or used in baking. We already have one great recipe for Hemp Protein Balls up on The Bulk Blog to use our Hemp Protein in and we will be adding more soon!

Grab yourself a bag here to try it out.

Any suggestions for us?

Do you have any great flavour or product ideas you’d like us to try out? Leave us a comment below or reach us via our website or any of our social channels.

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