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Bulk Nutrients Proudly Supporting Charities

Charities we support

Over the last 5 years Bulk Nutrients has supported a variety of charities. We support these for various reasons, but ultimately as we understand as Australian citizens we are very fortunate, and that even relatively minor contributions from us can have a massive impact on those living in impoverished nations, as well as Australian citizens who endure difficulties.

Over the years we have ran various strength and fitness events where funds raised have supported the cancer council, and in 2014 we particularly supported the Kids’ Cancer project, which is one of the largest funders of childhood cancer research in Australia. In addition, we support multiple organisations on a regular basis.

AOG Vietnam

For the past 3 years we have supported Deb and Paul Hiltons projects in Da Nang Vietnam.

Paul and Deb, along with their team at AOG work with Vietnamese communities where their projects are aimed at lifting hygiene, educational and general living standards. They work very closely with locals and government to ensure that their programs are benefiting those in need, and the outcomes are positive long term.Washing Hands

The team at AOG have devoted their lives to helping those in Vietnam and as westerners they live very modestly to what we have come to expect in Australia. To read more about AOG’s projects and purpose you can read here:

In 2015, some of the Bulk Nutrients staff look forward to visiting Paul and Deb, as well as Kelvin and Rebekah to assist first hand with the projects and get a more detailed experience of what differences they make to Vietnamese communities.

SIDS for Kids Land Speed Dirt Bike attempt


Over the last few years, managing director Ben Crowley and motorbike tuner from TSP Dave McCarthy have been working on building the “world’s fastest dirt bike”. While this project didn’t start off with charitable intentions, life often works in odd ways, and the result was this project having some real purpose.

Dave and Ben plan to break a world record in 2015 , with the “Bioflex Beast” you can read about any updates and plans on the Facebook page;

Note that Bulk Nutrients (a subsidiary of Bioflex) has pledged $1000 for every 1kmph achieved over the current world record.

If luck is on their side, and the bike performs as planned, then we expect that close to $20,000 should be donated to SIDS for the effort.

Still I Rise – support for people living with cancer

In 2014 we were approached by a gentle giant (6’10) named Daniel George.

Daniel was familiar to Bulk Nutrients as he used to be a well known player in Tasmania’s National Basketball team.

Daniel had suffered testicular cancer and while his body had gone through a rigorous amount of testing and later rehabilitation, he noticed there was a lack of supporting services available for those suffering cancer (of this type and all cancers). Daniel didn’t want his experiences with Cancer to lead to nothing, so he as inspired to make a difference with “Still I Rise” as the result.

In his words:

The Still I Rise Foundation is a 100% "for purpose" charity who funds counselling and rehabilitation services for Australians living with cancer - specifically, our Counsellors meet with cancer patients, their families and their nurses. We also aim to increase health awareness in young Australians.

To visit their website and Facebook pages, please see the following links:


Little Wings

In 2015 Bulk Nutrients is very proud to have supported the Little Wings Ride for Flight. Little Wings brings children in Rural and Regional NSW to the specialised oncology and specialist medical services available at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital Newcastle and the Sydney Children’s Hospital. Little Wings’ goal is to assist children with cancer and other long term serious illnesses, whilst they are undergoing treatment by providing a free flight service to and from these health facilities. Little Wings aims to lessen the travel fatigue, financial burden, emotional strain and length of separation from their families that these children experience. Little Wings is the only charity of its kind in NSW.

Find out more information at


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