JPS / Bulk Nutrients - Back to Fitness - Transform your body in 12 Weeks

Get back into fitness with us!

We have partnered with JPS Health and Fitness to bring you a transformation challenge that will have you training hard and progressing with your goals. This complete package includes 12 weeks of training and nutritional coaching and the key supps you need to see real results.

The bundle includes…

Your choice of supplement pack, plus...

12 week Adaptive Fat-Loss Template - Valued at $250

12-week Training Program Template of your choice (below) - Valued at $30

  • Male Physique Specialisation
  • Female Physique Specialisation
  • Home Training Program Template

Access to our exclusive Online Support Group, where you can connect with other participants and the JPS Coaches.

Whether you're trying to regain your pre-COVID fitness or take your physique to the next level, the Bulk Nutrients and JPS transformation will get you there!

What's included?

Tier 1

Only $72

JPS / Bulk Nutrients Transformation - Tier 1
  • 1kg WPI - Valued at $36
  • 12 weeks of flexible dieting for fat loss based on your unique requirements - Valued at $250
  • A 12-week training program of your choice designed by leading fitness studio JPS Health and Fitness - Valued at $30
  • Access to an exclusive coaching support group with resources, giveaways and more.
Total Valued at $316.
Only $72

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Tier 3

Only $142

JPS / Bulk Nutrients Transformation - Tier 3
  • Thermowhey Weightloss Protein - Valued at $39
  • Burner Combination Capsules - Valued at $40
  • Pure Acetyl-L-Carnitine Capsules - Valued at $35
  • 12 weeks of flexible dieting for fat loss based on your unique requirements - Valued at $250
  • A 12-week training program of your choice designed by leading fitness studio JPS Health and Fitness - Valued at $30
  • Access to an exclusive coaching support group with resources, giveaways and more.
Total Valued at $394.
Only $142

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Total Valued at $316.
Only $72

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Total Valued at $394.
Only $142

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What’s in it for you?

Well aside from receiving professional fitness and nutritional coaching and quality supplements at a great price, you’ll also have a chance to win!

Together with JPS, we’ll be choosing three of the best transformations. These three newly transformed people will be recognised on our social media channels and our online media partners and they’ll also take home a sweet prize pack!

Key Benefits:

  • The JPS Adaptive Fat Loss Template has been designed to adjust your nutrition targets based on your progress and individual needs, to help you lose fat and improve your body composition.
  • Over the 12 weeks, our Tracker helps you to closely monitor your weight, nutrition, tracking accuracy and steps each day, and provides feedback, updates and recommendations to facilitate the best results for you.

About Bulk Nutrients

Bulk Nutrients is the favourite supplement brand of health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere. We’re dedicated to offering a range of products that are affordable and extremely high quality. This way you get the best results possible without breaking the bank. Bulk Nutrients has won the Most Satisfied Customers Canstar Award three years in a row (2018-2020) thanks to its great value, amazing flavour and superior quality.

About JPS

JPS is dedicated to helping our clients, members and community in achieving their health and fitness-related goals. At JPS we strive to raise the standard, by providing a platform that facilitates and fosters education and development for any individual looking to better themselves and succeed.


The Fat Loss Adaptive Template and the information contained within should not be taken as medical advice, in place of medical advice or to treat any disease. Before implementing any dietary changes or using this template we recommend seeking medical clearance or consulting your doctor.

If there is any reason that you think that using this program might be detrimental to your health, please contact Coach Support before starting.


  • Training Program Templates and Adaptive Fat Loss Templates are designed and optimised for Excel, and we recommend utilising a computer for setup of each.
  • JPS will be offering Tech Support for participants throughout the program.



Who is JPS?

JPS Health and Fitness is one of Australia’s premiere health and fitness studios who work with Bulk Nutrients. Located in Melbourne, JPS Health and Fitness works with athletes all across Australia and abroad training high achieving athletes in the sports of natural bodybuilding and numerous top 5 placements with Powerlifting Australia.

You can learn more about them here, or get to know them and why they’re one of the top gyms in Australia here.

How do I get in touch with JPS?

For all questions independent of this promotion, you can reach them at or message them on insta at @jpshealth_fitness. Any questions about this promotion please reach out to

About the Promotion

Why sign up?

This promotion gives you access to all you need to improve your fitness and work towards your fat loss goals at a bargain cost.

What do I get?

You’ll get the supplements necessary to optimize your results

An adaptive fat loss template which will consider your personal needs to deliver nutritional guidance customized to your personal needs

A Training Program Template that you select from the below to suit your needs:

  1. Male Physique Specialisation
  2. Female Physique Specialisation
  3. Home Training Program Template

Access to a community of participants and JPS Coaches with exclusive content, giveaways and promotions. Plus a prize for the best 3 transformations!

It’s a bargain!

Yes, we understand lockdown may have gotten in the way of your fitness goals. Our commitment to bringing you amazing value and high quality is unwavering so we’ve prepared this promotion to push you over the lockdown hill.

Tell me about the prize

We’re awarding the top 3 transformations with a great prize pack which includes supps, accessories, and apparel.

Winners will be decided by JPS coaches and Bulk Nutrients on November 1st 2020, and announced on the exclusive group and Bulk Nutrients’ Instagram.

To enter the challenge, you must provide photographic evidence from day 0 and the last day of your transformation via the facebook group or directly to coaches at JPS.

There will also be giveaways exclusive to the group.

I would like to enter the challenge but I don't consume dairy

Unfortunately, this promotion only applies for the listed whey based products, stay on the lookout for promotions with our plant based range.

What can I expect after I purchase this bundle?

Within an hour you'll receive an email from Bulk Nutrients about further steps, these will include how to request your choice of program as well as your nutrition spreadsheet, training program template a short guide to using the templates, as well as instructional video taking them through everything you need to know about the program.

View complete JPS - Bulk Transformation description...
  • JPS / Bulk Transformation Pack - Tier 3

    JPS / Bulk Transformation Pack - Tier 3

    Was: AU$394.00
    Now: AU$139.00

    This super fat loss bundle will have your body in a constant fat burn state with Thermowhey, Burner Combination, Acetyl L-Carnitine and 12 weeks of workout and diet programming.

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