L Glycine

When exercising your body, you want to ensure effective muscle recovery after workouts. L Glycine can help you get rid of the toxic substances in your body like lactic acid helping with muscle recovery.

Besides, you also want to enhance muscle growth. Glycine works to support cell volumising and slowing down muscle tissue breakdown.

Bulk Nutrients offers 100 per cent pharmaceutical-grade L Glycine to assist in removing lactic acid following intense workouts.

What is L Glycine?

Glycine is an amino acid your body uses to create proteins needed for the growth as well as maintenance of tissue in addition to proteins for making substances like enzymes and hormones. Glycine is naturally synthesised in the body from other amino acids. It’s also found within protein-rich foods as well as dietary supplements. Being a part of a protein, glycine offers other impressive health benefits like protection of cells against damage caused by free radicals and in the production of creatine.

How glycine can help with workouts?

Being a non-essential amino acid, L glycine helps to remove toxic substances including lactic acid from the muscles. This helps with the recovery of torn muscles between workouts. You can also take L glycine supplement to help increase the utilisation and availability of the body’s growth hormone thus helping with muscle development.

During workouts, L glycine can help increase cell volume and slow down the breakdown of tissue including muscles. This helps to heal the damaged muscles due to exercises or workouts and to rebuild muscle tissue in persons who engage in strenuous workouts. Get yourself L glycine powder from Bulk Nutrients to help rebuild muscle tissue when exercising your body.

Is glycine safe?

Taking glycine in appropriate amounts is considered safe. An individual can take up to 90 grams of glycine each day for several weeks without experiencing serious side effects. Bulk Nutrients’ L Glycine can offer you the supplementation you need for healthy functioning of the body and recovery of muscles after workouts and building of the muscles. You can consume about 1000mg, approximately about a third of a teaspoon once or twice a day. Use microscales when dosing because its serve size is small.

How does glycine help with cell damage?

Glycine is among the three amino acids your body utilises in making a powerful antioxidant known as glutathione. This antioxidant helps protect against cellular oxidative damage that arises due to the presence of free radicals. This way, your body is able to have healthy cells that can fight different kinds of diseases. When your body doesn’t have enough glycine, it produces less glutathione meaning that the body isn’t effectively able to handle oxidative stress over time.

Does glycine help enhance performance during workouts?

Glycine is among the three amino acids it utilised in making a compound referred to as creatine. This compound offers your muscles energy to help you perform short, quick bursts of activity like sprinting and weightlifting.

Combined with resistance training, creatine can help increase your muscle power, size, and strength. Whilst your body can naturally create creatine, the compound can also be obtained from a diet. If you are getting little amounts of glycine, it may reduce the amount of creatine the body needs. L glycine comes in handy to help you boost the levels of creatine in your body.

Does L glycine help prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain?

Glycine is a major amino acid within collagen, a structural protein containing high amounts of glycine. Collagen is considered the most abundant protein within our bodies. It provides strength for skin, cartilage, muscles, bones, ligaments, and blood. When you supplement with collagen, it can help enhance the health of your skin and relieve joint pain whilst preventing bone loss. Getting enough glycine helps support the production of collagen in your body.

Glycine is a great alternative for those who are vegan or dislike consuming collagen as it’s vegan friendly.

Glycine can help improve sleep quality?

Whether you’re working out or not, having quality sleep is essential for your health. Many people struggle with sleep difficulties- they can’t get quality night’s rest. This may happen if an individual has trouble staying or falling asleep. There are many ways you can improve sleep quality like avoiding taking caffeinated beverages before going to sleep or avoiding bright screens some hours before bedtime. Supplementing with glycine can also help enhance the quality of sleep. The amino acid brings calming effects within your brain. It can help you stay or fall asleep by reducing your core body temperature.

How do you consume L Glycine?

Pick your glycine powder and add water then mix and drink. You can also add glycine in food and eat it. If you are working out, you know what water is very important because it helps hydrate the body. You can add glycine in water and drink if you are exercising.

Where can I buy L Glycine powder?

Buy L Glycine from Bulk Nutrients with its many health benefits. Our glycine powder is lactose-free and contains gluten-free ingredients. It is also formulated for vegan and vegetarians.

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