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Hey hey, I'm Angus!

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My recommendations are all about getting the most out of my training.

Hyper Hydrolyse Chocolate

Why I love it: Fast absorbing protein and Australian made. Loving it cause it's extremely versatile, suitable for any smoothie and a great opportunity to get creative in the dessert department!

How I use it: With super chilled water

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Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Why I love it: I love to binge, but the pancake mix makes me feel a lot less guilty about stacking my plate. The coconut flour is a great addition re taste and has some crazy nutrition stats too!

How I use it: I use the mix as it is recommended, combined with water and straight into a pan full of margarine (butter).

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Choc Protein Mousse

Why I love it: Knocks late night cravings DEAD.

How I use it: With water and sometimes a bit of plant-based milk if I'm feeling extra hungry.

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BCAA Recovery – Wild Berry

Why I love it: The addition of citrulline mallate (vasodilator) and electrolytes make it the perfect pre-sauna sipper. I also love the flavour, which provides much needed pick-me-ups mid session.

How I use it: Just water, no worries!

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Training Schedule

  • Monday - Pole Vaulting
  • Tuesday - Plyo and running in the AM, weights in the PM
  • Wednesday - Yoga
  • Tuesday - Pole Vaulting
  • Friday - Plyo and running in the AM, weights in the PM
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - Gymnastics

My approach to nutrition

I’m all about balance following an 80/20 approach whereby my week needs to average 80% good choices and 20% less good choices.

What is my average daily calorie intake? 2950

Are there foods you avoid? Why? Milk and cheese don't sit well unfortunately.

Foods I crave... Mostly a sweet fix, like a muffin or cookie from the local cafe.

My day on a plate

Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays:

  • Breakfast - 1 cup oats soaked in enough plant milk to drown a mangrove overnight, and a few raspberries for fun
  • ~Training~
  • Snack - Bulk Nutrients Hyper Hydrolyse shake with water
  • Lunch - 1 cup of cooked rice with around 180g of cooked chicken and enough tomato sauce to make you w
  • Dinner - starch vegetable of choice with lots of greens and 180g of cooked chicken, enough bulk to make me feel full and satisfied before bed

Meanwhile, on Wednesdays and Sundays:

  • Breakfast - 4x eggs on 2 pieces of toast with butter and extra vegemite
  • Snack - Coffee
  • Lunch - 2x cans of tuna with 2 pieces of bread and vegies
  • Dinner - a good portion of Fish or Red Meat with a starchy vegetable and good fats

Saturday - anything goes, nobody is punished

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Medium term = Tokyo 2020, long term = consistency over a number of years to get the best possible result out of my body.

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Australian Open National Champion 2019

Commonwealth Games Representative 2018

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