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Mys recommendations are all about leading an active lifestyle and supporting and recovering from my training.

Future Whey in Lemonade

Why I love it: Because after a long ride/run or hard CrossFit session I never feel like anything creamy and dense. I always prefer something refreshing and cold! That’s where future whey comes in, I’ll whip out a chilled bottle of sparkling water (stored in my hydro flask) mix in FW and BAM it’s like a refreshing lemonade, but it’s actually good for you!

How I use it: With sparkling water, it’s the best way!

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Lime Electrolyte Plus

Why I love it: I’m loving Bulk's new Electrolyte Plus as it’s so hard to find an electrolyte drink that sits well in your stomach on long rides and not upset your guts for your run off the bike.

How I use it: With cold water on the bike and a short shots bottle on the run!

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Training Schedule

My workouts are a lot different to most people. My coach does my program


  • Swim (90mins - 2 hours / 4-6km)
  • Core (20 minutes own choice)
  • Pilates (45 minutes)
  • CrossFit (class and then I follow my strength program that my strength coach sets) we work on accessories such as sand ball carries, high knees with bands attached to the rig, strict pull ups etc.


  • Running (aerobic runs 45-75minutes)
  • Pilates/post run flow (I usually do 30minute flows that a part yoga, part Pilates and part core)
  • Bike (usually done on Zwift, at the moment everything is currently aerobic work so sitting at 85rpm and power around 170-180watts


  • Are the same as Mondays! Eat sleep train repeat


  • Bike in the am (on the road if not it’ll be a switch sessions, main sets x3 of 10 x40on 20 off at 110% ftp with 5 minutes recovery)
  • Thursday nights is a 1:1 with my strength coach, where we work on lifting techniques, accessory exercises like back extensions, glute activation. Then Pilates to really feel the burn in my smaller muscles


  • Rest morning
  • Friday nights I organise a running group, where we jog for an hour or so then drink beer.


  • usually ride to CrossFit, CrossFit class, then ride home. Covering around 80kms worth of riding.


  • Long run days - mornings consist of 90min to 2 hour runs in the am. All aerobic.
  • Night time runs will be no more then an hour long and they are usually at threshold pace for sets, sometimes the sets can be short like a minute or they can be 30 minutes if running hard

My approach to nutrition

I’ve always focused on eating in moderation, my mentality towards eating is 80% clean and lean 20% for sanity.

When it comes to food, I look at it like it’s fuel for my body, sure there are moments when I just want to devour a tub of Pringle’s in one sitting, but I don’t because I know that it’s not the correct fuel for me.

I generally eat pretty simple things, I find eating fresh locally farm grown veggies and organic meats do the job pretty well. I do also allow my self treats, a little bit of chocolate and a glass of wine Keep me sane.

What is my average daily calorie intake? It’ll depend on my training volume, the stages in my builds and if it’s race season or not race season

Are there foods you avoid? Why? Mushrooms, just don’t like them.

Foods I crave... KALE! I don’t know but oven roasted kale with nutritional yeast is a staple in every meal

My ultimate cheat meal is... Beccofino’s Duck Ragú and Aranchi balls. The pasta just simply melts in your mouth, the aranchi balls are the cheesiest and crispiest balls ever!

My day on a plate

Most days are the same when it comes to eating:

  • WPI Vanilla Shake post training
  • Brekkie (always the same every day): 1cup egg whites (omelet) little sprinkle of cheese, oven roasted kale with Nutritonal yeast, 1/4 avocado and a small handful of chicken
  • Lunch - if I’ve organised Cesar salad, unorganised Youfoodz 70/30 meal
  • Snack - protein balls/ home made museli bars
  • Post workout - FUTURE WHEY
  • Dinner - my current faves are:
    • all the green veggies, bbq chicken, Wine and some chocolate
    • chicken pesto pasta with protein noodles and Zoodles and steamed veggies
    • butcher snags with oven roasted veggies covered in garlic aoli
    • grilled fish with steamed veggies and mash

Latest Results

Do you have any medium/long term goals you're working towards?

Long term - to get my professional license in triathlons

To race a few 200mile (325ish km) runs in 2020/2021

Win my age group in Kona in 2021

Run across India, run across Australia, run across America and run across Canada (that’s at least a handful of years away though!)

Have you had any exceptional results (in competitions or otherwise) in the last few years? Let us know what they are!

Qualified twice for Ironman World Champs (completed 7 Ironman)

Raced and finished ECO Challange (worlds toughest race) in Fiji 2019 (will be on Amazon Prime this year)

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