Supplements For Field Hockey

Field hockey is a team sport consisting of eleven players including a goalie on the field from each team.  The game can be played on a grass or synthetic field and involves players hitting a hard rubber like ball with wood or fibre glass sticks.

Hockey players are some of the fittest cardiovascular athletes, as the game consists of constant running as well as intermittent sprinting.

Our Marketing Manager Brodie West plays for the OHA Hockey Club and has played the sport for 23 years! He was captain for 5 years and played premier league until just recently.

To keep on his A game Brodie uses a few specific supplements. He starts every game with Pre Workout 101 for heightened energy levels and focus, fuels his body for endurance with Carb+ and BCAA Recovery and after each game kickstarts the recovery process with refreshing Future Whey.

Further supplementation can take the form of Creatine Monohydrate for it's ability to add strength and muscle and Eletrolyte Caps for convenient replenishment of electrolytes.

Recommended products for Field Hockey:

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