Don't Just Shake it, Make It

Protein powders are a great addition to your favourite recipes

It's a little known fact that many supplements users don't enjoy having their supplements in a shake. So we're encouraging all of you to shake up your protein game by including Bulk Nutrients products in one of these great tasting recipes.

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Muscle Growth WPI

Add a scoop of pure Whey Protein Isolate to Overnight Oats for muscle growth. WPI comes in 11 great flavours to add sweetness and nutrients to your favourite breakfast. Find our quick and easy recipe for these Overnight Oats here.

For those who are fans of choc orange flavours and decadent desserts, our High Protein Jaffa Cheesecake will be sure hit the spot.

Not sure about that one? Check out this recipe for Passionfruit and Weetbix Slice to enjoy a fresh, tropical tasting snack that uses Bulk's WPI and is high in protein.

Or after something a little more decadent? These Bounty Inspired Protein Cups feature a rich, chocolaty outside with a sweet and creamy cookie dough on the inside. The best bit? They're made with our WPI for an added protein boost!

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Stronger Joints HCP

Bulk up your pancakes with a scoop of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides to enhance hair, skin, nail, joint and tendon health. Our HCP is 100% dairy free and comes in 4 tasty flavours including new Choc Honeycomb. Find our delicious recipe for these Protein Pancakes here.

Finding a good recipe for Collagen Protein Balls can be tricky. We recommend our Banana Choc Chip Collagen Protein Balls as an excellent (and delicious) base recipe.

Prefer savoury to sweet? Then boy do we have a treat for you! Our Raw HCP can be added to your favourites sauces, soups and casseroles to add a boost of protein. Check out this recipe for Satay Tofu and Edamame Noodles.

Want to spice up your dinners? Try out this Yellow Chickpea Curry recipe featuring our HCP to help support your joints and tendons.

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Plant BasedEarth Protein

Include plant based power in your favourite Smoothie Bowl by adding a scoop of Earth Protein. Earth Protein is 100% natural, vegan protein derived from rice and pea protein. Find our nutritious recipe for this Smoothie Bowl here.

Combining Earth Protein with our popular Hemp Protein lets you whip up these great tasting Vegan Choc Hemp Bites. They're great to snack on between meals to keep your protein levels up.

Are brownies your jam? We've upped the protein in a traditional brownie to create these high protein Double Choc Chip Vegan Brownies featuring our Earth Protein! They taste great and contain over 13g of protein per serve.

Does that sound a little rich? We have a delicious sweet and salty alternative! Our Vegan Peanut Butter Slice combines coconut, maple syrup, buckinis and our Salted Caramel Earth Protein to make a creamy, plant based snack that everyone is sure to love!

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Weight LossThermowhey

Shred down and enjoy a tasty breakfast by adding a scoop of our Thermowhey to Chia Pudding. Thermowhey has nine active ingredients to help boost metabolism and comes in creamy, rich flavours to sweeten up your morning without sugar. Find our simple recipe for this Chia Pudding here.

Fancy a bit of an indulgent treat without the calories of alcohol? Our high protein Espresso Martini Cheesecakes are a great way to get 20 grams of Thermowhey per serve.

Trying to lower your carb intake? This delicious keto friendly Rocky Road Ice Cream recipe has less than 3g of carbs per serve, as well as 6g of protein from our Thermowhey. Try using Choc Honeycomb, Strawberry or Salted Caramel flavour in it for a sweet twist!

Are you nuts for donuts? We sure are, especially for these high protein Chocolate Mini Donuts! They're the perfect bite-sized snack for when you're craving something sweet, but want to stick to your macros... And they contain almost 4g of protein per serve from our Thermowhey!

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For more delicious recipes using our protein powders, check out the Bulk Recipe Blog. We have over 150 sweet and savoury recipes here to help you get more protein in your diet in tasty and nutritious ways!

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