Total Meal Replacement

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Be prepared when the munchies attack!

Struggling to choose the right meal?

Choosing the healthy option is easy with Total Meal Replacement.

You’re busy and we get that, but there’s no reason why your diet should suffer.

Total Meal Replacement is real nutrition, for people just like you!

Bulk Nutrients is proudly 100% Tasmanian Owned and Operated

Feel fuller for longer.

Total Meal Replacement is a well-rounded meal replacement designed to be taken when sourcing a nourishing meal is not possible.

It combines proteins and carbs at a 2:1 ratio, so packs a huge 30 grams of protein per serve.  The proteins are the same you'll find in Bulk Nutrients' high quality WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein and is flavoured similarly to our main protein range.

These proteins ensure you feel full enough to make it to your next meal, while the carbs supply vital energy to keep you powering on.


Designed for speed.

On the road a lot? Time poor? Work nightshift? Hit the gym at strange times?

We've got you covered.

To mix a serve of Total Meal Replacement, it's as simple as combining 60 grams in 600ml of water in a shaker. Give it a few seconds of shaking and it's good to be sipped over the course of 5-10 minutes.

With Total Meal Replacement, fitting in a wholesome meal just got much simpler.

Designed for speed.
100% gluten free.

All the goodness you need.

Total Meal Replacement combines ground flax and chia with raw wheat grass and barley grass, along with the healthy fats CLA and MCT to boost energy. It contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals which supply over 25% of your RDIs.

Total Meal Replacement also includes a digestive / lactase enzyme which assists those sensitive to dairy issues.

It's gluten free and best of all, tastes amazing!


Unbeatable value.

Total Meal Replacement does what all Bulk Nutrients products do - provide amazing value for the low price paid.

Starting at just $29 for 1kg, it provides a nutritionally balanced meal for less than $2 per serve.

Available in a creamy chocolate and flavour packed strawberry, Total Meal Replacement is real nutrition for active people.

Unbeatable value!

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Total Meal Replacement - Real nutrition for active people!
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