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Why do we have such great prices?

Many people ask us why our prices are so good?
It is our guarantee that all of the products available from Bulk Nutrients are of the finest quality available anywhere. From our carbohydrates and extracts to our proteins and amino acids, we buy the best available from any manufacturer.

So why are our prices so good? There are a few reasons worth a look.


We have all heard how the dairy gets 30 cents a litre for milk, yet we pay $1.90 a litre at the supermarket right? Unfortunately that mark up of over 600% is not limited to milk, it's very likely this is happening to your amino acids or protein to in most cases.

It is very common for manufacturers of nutritional goods to use a complex supply chain for convenience. They hire a contractor to manufacturer/pack for them, who buys the goods from a local distributor, who uses an importer that purchases the goods from an agent who deals with the raw good manufacturer, phew!

Here we have 5 or 6 links in the chain which are all largely unnecessary.

To make matters worse most companies have massive staff, facility and advertising costs which all means you pay a huge amount more for the original product. Of course, companies get away with this by dressing something up, using a few choice words to hopefully convince you that you're buying something magical.



At Bulk Nutrients as we buy direct from the raw manufacturer and complete all formulating, packaging and manufacturing ourselves and sell to you direct from our factory, you save!

That is why we suggest buying the raw product, as it's the only way you can guarantee what you have is effective and pure, and if you do it right, you can usually save yourself a lot of money. 


Let's make something clear, in Australia no one manufacturers amino acids, and the manufacturing of whey and carbohydrates is restricted to massive companies like Fonterra and Penfords who sell in tonne and ten tonne lots at a time.

Talking raw goods, like everyone else we are simply "repackers" (be warned though that many companies claiming to repack actually use other companies to do this anyway).

What makes Bulk Nutrients superior to others is that we have massive buying power which means we pay less for goods. Our last amino acid and extract order was for goods to the value of $200,000 and in doing this we deal directly with the manufacturer.

Sure doing all the sourcing, testing and importing ourselves adds fuss, however it guarantees we can deliver the best prices on the market.

Competitors will usually order $5,000 - $10,000 worth at a time which means they use an Australian distributour who has used an agent overseas who deals with the manufacturer adding that nasty supply chain once again.

By this stage they will have often paid more than double for the same quality or lower quality raw product.

Another huge advantage to Bulk Nutrients is that we own rather than lease our approved manufacturing facility and equipment, which further reduces our costs and therefore your prices.


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