A New Bulk WPC: Lower price, better taste!

A New Bulk WPC: Lower price, better taste!

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jul 01, 2018 in #Product Information.

We’re in the process of transitioning to a new supplier of Whey Protein Concentrate.

With this new supplier, we’re able to offer a lower price, improved taste and the best deal on pure protein.

Here’s all you need to know about our new WPC and our Aussie operated company…

Bulk Nutrients is Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

At Bulk Nutrients, we’re extremely proud to be an Australian company.

We employ local staff and manufacture all our nutritional supplements on site in Tasmania. Orders are dispatched from our Grove based factory and we manage large customer service, marketing and research and development teams on site too.

Bulk Nutrients staff working onsite in Grove, Tasmania

Being and remaining ‘local’ is integral to who we are as a brand and is a key driver of our passion in the health and fitness space. It inspires us to support over 100 events a year and maintain an active role in our community.

But how does been proudly Aussie owned and operated relate to our new supplier of WPC?

An even better Bulk Nutrients WPC

From July 1st we’ll be transitioning to a new raw WPC sourced from the United States.

We’ll continue to formulate, blend and pack our proteins at Bulk HQ in Tasmania, the only change is the supply of raw stock. For the next few months, you can expect a blend of our Australian WPC and the new USA WPC before we start to only use the new product.

For many years we’ve supplied an Australian WPC, so why change?

We’re very passionate about quality and value at Bulk Nutrients, and our greatest commitment is ensuring we deliver the best quality product to our customers at the best price possible.

By switching to this new supplier, we can offer 1kg of high-quality Whey Protein Concentrate for just $25 a kilo. That’s pretty amazing, but a seriously good price isn’t the only benefit.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve continued to test raw proteins from Australia and the rest of the world to ensure what we’re offering to our customers is the very best, and six months ago we tested a raw WPC which blew us away. With very similar nutritionals to our existing WPC but with an even smoother taste, the USA sourced WPC was a stand out for us at Bulk HQ.

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent which is why it’s important for us to explain why we made the change and answer any questions you may have…

1. How is the new USA WPC made, and how does it compare to the previous product?

Our new WPC is produced using a super chill filtration method. As heat is something to avoid with proteins, the super chill method of filtration ensures a very pure product. It guarantees an undenatured WPC, with bioactive proteins immunoglobulin (igG), lactoferrim (LF) and glycomacropeptides (GMP) existing in some of the highest levels possible, along with a balanced amino acid spectrum rich in branched chain and essential amino acids.

The result of these benefits? Better recovery and muscle growth, especially when compared to a protein exposed to high heat (which is actually quite common amongst competitor’s products).

Another key difference is consistency, while most whey proteins are made from a variety of cheeses, this WPC only uses fresh white alfresco cheese which guarantees a consistent creamy taste in every season of the year.

2. What about the grass-fed status?

Our previous WPC came from predominantly grass-fed cows and the same goes for our new WPC.

While virtually no cows are 100% grass fed (due to seasonal trends caused by nature) this new protein remains predominantly grass-fed, which is evident by the low-fat levels of the finished product.

3. How does the value of the new WPC compare?

In a nutshell, it’s amazing value for money. By choosing a new supplier, we’re able to offer a high-quality protein for less as we pass on the savings to you!

With savings of around 10% on an extremely pure protein, our WPC represents incredible value compared to other market offerings. 1kg is just $25 and 5kg with five different flavours is only $90 (that’s a $9 saving from our previous price!). And this isn’t a short time price reduction but a long-term deal that you can enjoy for months if not years to come.

How can we do this? Let us explain.

At Bulk Nutrients, we use a staggering amount of raw WPC getting into the hundreds of thousands of kilograms per year (which is potentially more WPC than any single brand in Australia). Because of this, suppliers offer very well priced contracts to partner with us, because doing a deal with a company like Bulk Nutrients secures success for them.

However, we only make a change in supplier if there’s a significant benefit we can pass onto our customers. We look for a product that is improved in quality and is a better price than before. This is why we’re moving to a USA sourced WPC.

Bulk Nutrient’s custom facility in Grove, Tasmania

4. How does this affect your longer-term commitment to using Australian produce?

We’re still committed to using Australian produced stock wherever possible.

While transitioning to a USA sourced WPC, we’ve also moved our supply of Micellar Casein from New Zealand to Bega in country New South Wales.  We’ve also chosen to stock an organic Tasmanian made Hemp Protein after previously using an imported product.

Our aim to maintain a good balance between offering exceptional value for money, high-quality products and supporting local companies too.

Moving forward, we’re continuing to expand with our partnerships with Australian manufacturers of flavours, so we plan to retain a good proportion of Australian made stock in our product range through other ingredients.

If you still prefer to purchase an Australian WPC, our Natural WPC remains 100% Australian.

We hope you’ll enjoy the creamy change we’ve made as we start to use our new raw WPC.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team, they’re always more than happy to assist you.

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