About Bulk Nutrients

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which our organisation operates, the Melukerdee People of the South East Nation and pay our respects to Elders past present and emerging.

An idea, a big dream and a passion for high-quality supplements.

That's where Bulk Nutrients started back in 2004 when Ben Crowley (our future director) set out to develop Australia's most affordable, pure supplements.

Today Bulk Nutrients is one of Australia's most loved supplement brands and we're dedicated to supporting the health and fitness journeys of Aussies (and Kiwis!) everywhere.

We source the highest quality ingredients from across the globe and sell directly from our factory in southern Tasmania so you can save big on your supplements.

At Bulk we think being healthy and happy is the best feeling in the world, and we want everyone to experience this.

This is why we sell our pure supplements at low prices every day, we support local events, we get involved with local and international charities and we are part of and support the growing health and fitness community as much as we can.

Let us support you on your journey to living a healthy and happy life.

Bulk Nutrients owner Ben Crowley laying on popular Bulk Nutrients products

How Bulk Nutrients Began

The Bulk Nutrients story began while Ben was abroad in Japan.

Although busy teaching English day-to-day, Ben had a real passion for fitness and hit the gym several times a week.

Yes, Ben wanted to improve his fitness levels and achieve the best results possible. So he turned to supplements for added support.

The only issue? Sports supplements were scarcely available in Japan which led Ben to purchase protein powder and other supplements online shipped to his door direct from the US.

Ben was amazed at how affordable supplements were in America as well as the massive range available. He wondered why this was and soon found that supply channels and lower volumes were largely the cause for higher prices in Australia.

Ben wondered whether a more streamlined system could be implemented in Australia. What if a company on a large scale developed and manufactured supplements supplying directly to consumers? How much money could this save people simply by increasing efficiency?

And so came Bulk Nutrients.

No distributors, importers or retailers. Instead, sales were submitted via a website. Products were made in a large factory in beautiful Tasmania by a dedicated team of staff.

Ben developed a business model which offered the best of both worlds. Great pricing so consumers could save money and get maximum value, but one which used plenty of local labour and love. A system which employed locals and added value to the Tasmanian economy was very important to Ben, particularly as Tasmania has some of the highest unemployment in Australia.

We like to call this the Bulk Nutrients way, and for us there's no better option.

Bulk Nutrients Staff standing in the dispatch room

The Bulk Family

Family is at the centre of life for Ben and has shaped the way Bulk Nutrients has evolved over the years.

Ben himself is one of five kids and now has a young family of his own, and since the early days family has been at the centre of the Bulk Nutrients brand.

Ben is lucky enough to employ and work side by side with many of his family members. Ben's wife, brother and sister-in-law all work in the business and quite a few other staff have brother, sisters or friends they have recommended and now work with us. But the Bulk family is much more than this.

Employing 76 staff, the Bulk family is about offering meaningful, positive employment to those under the Bulk Nutrients banner.

It's a career for some, a way to provide for family for others and a way through school or university for others still. One thing all Bulk staff have in common is a passion for providing high quality, well-priced supplements and a sharing of the positive culture which inspires us.

It's a home for those born in Australia and Bulk warmly welcomes staff who are migrants from Bhutan, Nepal, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and the Congo.

Bulk Nutrients is a culturally diverse company and we pride ourselves on prioritising flexibility and the needs of our individual staff. Whether it's supporting those with the challenges of disability, English as a second language, or simply adjusting working hours or opportunities to work from home to balance work and life. Bulk Nutrients is a believer in opportunity and encouraging diversity as we believe it makes us stronger.

Bulk Nutrients proudly supports the Hobart United Football Club

The Bulk Community

At Bulk Nutrients, we value being a part of and supporting the wider community. Whether it's being the major sponsor for community-focused migrant soccer team Hobart United, foundation sponsor of the Tasmanian Jackjumpers NBL team, remaining the largest ongoing supporter of bodybuilding shows in Australia, supporting the Whitten Brothers National MX Team (who we've partnered with for over 5 years) or donating to local and global charities such as Unicef, Movember Foundation, Speak Up Stay Chatty and Global Village Housing. We love supporting you.

Our ongoing commitment to community sports and charitable endeavours both here and overseas is a key value of the Bulk brand. While you'll see us at large events, nothing is too small for Bulk Nutrients to support. We realise sometimes the smallest community events can make the biggest difference to people, and many of these events won't happen without the grassroots financial support.

And, our Customer Service team are always happy to chat about our products, explaining why we formulated a product the way we did and how it relates to your goals and needs.

To get in touch with our knowledgeable Customer Service team, head to our contact page.

Bulk Nutrients in the stunning Huon Valley, Tasmania, factory photo

The Environment and Our Responsibility

Born and raised in Tasmania, Ben realises its natural beauty should never be taken for granted. We have some of the cleanest air in the world, some of the most picturesque sights and some of the freshest water. And like many Tasmanians, Ben loves camping and riding his bike and 4x4s in the great outdoors.

We all have a responsibility to help look after the environment. We're proud that over 93% of our factory's electricity usage is generated from renewable sources due to Tasmania's hydroelectricity system. Our factory is located in the beautiful Huon Valley, utilising a carefully restored apple shed (which is over 60 years old), which has internally been transformed into a state of the art 3000m2 facility.

The Bulk Nutrients team are environmentally aware, supporting local emerging industries like Hemp, as well as being drivers in other key ethical plant protein developments.

Ben and the team at Bulk Nutrients work on an ongoing basis to reduce waste. We recently partnered with REDcycle to help reduce the amount of plastics going into landfill and give used soft plastics a new life. All of our packaging is recyclable, and we will continue to work towards bigger sustainability goals in the future.

Bulk Nutrients Ambassadors enjoying the fresh chill of Tasmanian air

Why Choose Bulk Nutrients?

When it comes down to it all, at Bulk Nutrients we're dedicated to empowering people (like you!) on their journey to achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

We ensure our products are affordable and are of the highest quality to deliver the best results possible.

Because that's the Bulk Nutrients way!

Til next time,
The Team at Bulk Nutrients