Bulk Nutrients' Rewards Program

Here at Bulk Nutrients, we believe you deserve to have the red carpet rolled out for buying Australia’s purest supplements. That’s why we created a program that truly rewards you for being part of the Bulk Nutrients community.

From the very moment you sign up, you’ll start collecting points that you can redeem for coupons. Plus, the more points you earn the higher you’ll climb on the Bulk VIP ladder.

We revamped our rewards program for 2021, so now you’ll enjoy extra VIP treatment with more points to be gained and additional rewards up for grabs!

Start shopping and enjoy all the benefits of shopping with Bulk Nutrients...

Whey Cool Points

With every dollar spent at Bulk Nutrients, you’ll earn 'Whey Cool Points' which can be later redeemed for awesome coupons and perks.

To start earning Whey Cool Points and enjoying all the benefits of the rewards program, you’ll need to register for an account with us. So, if you’ve been checking out as a guest, now’s the perfect time to sign up!

Earning Whey Cool Points

You can accumulate Whey Cool points in a variety of ways, but the easiest is by simply shopping with us! Stock up on Australia’s purest sports supplements and earn three Whey Cool Points per dollar spent. You can also collect points by...

  • Earning points via liking/following social media accounts can only occur once (ie. unliking/unfollowing and reliking/refollowing will not earn you more points)

Spending Whey Cool Points

This is the fun part, spending all those hard-earned points on your next stash of supps!

When you reach point milestones you can cash in your points for coupons to use on your next order.

To begin redeeming points for vouchers, ensure you're logged in then click the vouchers above.

VIP Tiers

The more you spend on your favourite Aussie manufactured supps, the higher you climb on the Bulk Nutrients VIP ladder (and the greater benefits you receive!)