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What Does 30 Grams of Protein Look Like?

What does 30 grams of protein look like?

Protein Powder Density

When it comes to protein powders, you've probably spent time considering factors like protein sources, flavour, mixability, and cost... but there's another difference between proteins that doesn't usually share the spotlight... protein powder density!

You might think that a scoop is a scoop is a scoop. But in reality, the density of different protein types can vary substantially, and that affects more than just the weight of a serving.

Density, in this context, refers to the mass of the protein powder per unit of volume. Some types of protein powder are very dense and pack a lot of protein into a small space, while others might be fluffier.

Simply put, a scoop from one bag of protein might not deliver the same protein punch as a scoop from another bag, even if the same size scoop is used!

We'll delve into the densities of popular options like WPI, WPC, Protein Matrix+, Thermowhey, MuscleFood 101, and Total Meal Replacement to make sure you're fully in the know.

The takeaway? Understanding protein powder density can help you accurately measure servings and get the most bang for your nutritional buck.

30 grams isn't always a full scoop

You grab your protein powder bag, dig in with your scoop and...wait a minute... is that scoop supposed to be level, heaped, or somewhere in between?!?

The truth is, 'a scoop' of protein can be a moving target, but it's something within your control, so it's best to understand the terminology to ensure consistency.

  • Level Scoop: This is what you get when you fill your scoop to the top and then level it off. You shouldn't excessively compact the powder before sweeping away the leftover powder. This is often the 'gold standard' for measurements, but it's also where folks might under-shoot if they're in a hurry.
  • Heaped Scoop: In the fast-paced rush of daily life, you might end up with a small mountain of protein powder towering above the rim of your scoop. That's a heaped scoop, and while it might feel like you're getting a protein bonus, you're also adding more calories and potentially throwing off other dietary macros.
  • Underfilled Scoop: Maybe you're trying to make that tub of protein last just a little bit longer. An underfilled scoop can result in less protein than you intended, which could impact your muscle recovery and growth goals.

The takeaway? Knowing which type of scoop is needed for a 30g serve of your specific protein will help ensure you're getting the right amount of protein, every time.

30g Flat Scoop of WPI

WPI, or Whey Protein Isolate, is on the denser side when it comes to protein powders.

To hit the 30 gram suggested serve mark, all you need is a flat, level scoop.

The protein will be tightly packed just by scooping from the bag, so no need for heaped scoops. A level one will give you an accurate serving.

Dosage size 30 grams of WPI
Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

30g Flat Scoop of WPC

When it comes to Bulk Nutrients' WPC, or Whey Protein Concentrate, a level scoop is all you need to hit the 30 gram serving size.

The protein is compactly packed, allowing for precise measurements with just a level scoop.

Dosage size 30 grams of WPC
Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Concentrate (WPI)

30g Densely Packed Round scoop of Protein Matrix+

With Protein Matrix+, you'll find that a densely packed scoop is the sweet spot to reach that 30 gram serving.

The density of this product makes it a bit different, so ever so slightly more than a level scoop will be closest to 30 grams.

Dosage size 30 grams of Protein Matrix+
Bulk Nutrients Protein Matrix+ (PM+)

30g Compact Scoop of Thermowhey

For Thermowhey, achieving a 30-gram serving is straightforward with a flat, level scoop.

The density is consistent, allowing for easy and accurate measurements each time.

Dosage size 30 grams of Thermowhey
Bulk Nutrients Thermowhey Weight Loss Protein (TW)

80g Densely Packed Level Scoops of Muscle Food 101

Muscle Food 101 is unique in that it requires two densely packed scoops to hit the 80 gram serve size.

Its lighter density and increased serve size makes it a bit different, so you'll need that extra scoop to ensure you're meeting your protein and nutrient goals.

Dosage size 80 grams of Muscle Food 101
Bulk Nutrients Muscle Food 101 (MF101)

60g Underfilled Scoops Loosely Packed of Total Meal Replacement

For Total Meal Replacement, two underfilled scoops will get you to the targeted 60 gram serving size.

The powder's density means you don't need to pack the scoops to the brim, just a bit below will do for accurate portioning.

Dosage size 60 grams of Total Meal Replacement
Bulk Nutrients Total Meal Replacement (TMR)

A Note on the Photos

All these photos were taken without compressing the protein at all, just as you would when getting the protein out of the bag.

Digital Micro Scales

Did you want to be able to accurately weigh your protein at home?

Check out our Digital Micro Scales. They have the same metric and imperial functions and weigh down to an accuracy of 10mg (.01g) so are perfect for weighing very small amounts of powders.

Plus they have a capacity of 300g, which allows a much larger volume of powder to be weighed.

They also have a large face and a tare function which is ideal when placing a cup or shaker on them.

Digital Micro Scales
Bulk Nutrients Digital Micro Scales
Nick Telesca - Technical Support Officer at Bulk Nutrients

Nick Telesca

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