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What Makes Bulk Nutrients’ Supplements Aussie As?

What makes Bulk Nutrients’ supplements Aussie as?

"Aussie as" supplements: No BS or huge markups -- just results

If there's one thing Aussies love, it's a bargain. And if there's one thing Aussies can smell miles before it hits our shores, it's BS. Aussies have no time for gimmicks and don’t like wasting time and money.

You know exactly what we mean. You want quality without being ripped off.

And so did our founder, Ben Crowley, when he started Bulk Nutrients 15 years ago whilst teaching English in Japan. After developing a passion for fitness and the gym, Ben started using supplements to assist his training.

But there were very few supplement options in Japan, and Ben had to order them from the US.

And one thing stood out to him: how affordable the supplements were in America, and just how many were available! Such wasn't the case when Ben was buying supplements back home in Tasmania, Australia; they were much more expensive due to the lower volumes and supply channels.

So Ben had a dream: he wanted those better prices, with great quality, to be available to ALL health-conscious Australians...

And so Bulk Nutrients was born!

Leaping ahead 15 years, and Ben has successfully created an Australian owned and operated supplement business with no distributors, retailers, or importers; just great quality supplements delivered right to our doors at the best prices anywhere.

And on top of that, all Bulk Nutrients products are made in picturesque Tasmania in the Bulk Nutrients factory by a dedicated team of diverse staff.

Bulk Nutrients founder Ben Crowley
Bulk Nutrients founder Ben Crowley

The benefits of Bulk Nutrients: Why our better value supplements stand out

Sometimes, the fitness industry can be full of questionable marketing tactics and untruths. Fake transformations, supplements with fillers, dishonest labelling, inflated prices, and exaggerated results: "double your arm growth in just 2 weeks!" We've all seen those supplements before. Maybe even wasted money on them.

But you'll find none of that here. Just the plain old-fashioned truth!

We make supplements for all people. We know Australia is full of many cultures, ages, and health and fitness goals, and we cater to all of you.

We know you all have a wide variety of fitness goals. Just like our diverse team at Bulk Nutrients HQ. We've got bodybuilders, powerlifters, weekend sportspeople, through the people who just want to stay healthy and feeling good.

We know who you are because it's who we are.

And if it's one thing Aussies are good for, it's lending a helping hand! This is why you'll find us supporting our local sporting events, bodybuilding competitions, and community projects from the day we opened our doors.

We know how important it is to give back; it's the Aussie way!

Australia's manufacturing standards mean you get better products

Our nation is the envy of the world when it comes to our manufacturing standards. You can expect that our supplements are obsessively laboured over to ensure you're getting even more than you're paying for. We meticulously formulate, blend, and pack every product we sell, and even have a HASTA Certified range for SIA (formerly ASADA) tested sports, so elite athletes can take our product without any worries.

And that's before we even get to our lab tests.

We conduct hundreds of these a year on ingredients, along with detailed internal tests, to ensure your safety is assured before our product arrives at your door. And we're audited every six months -- nothing slips through the cracks.

All our products go through extensive research and testing to ensure they are as safe and effective for you as possible.
All our products go through extensive research and testing to ensure they are as safe and effective for you as possible.

And you won't find better value for money per serving of protein, creatine, or any other supplement in Australia. That's our gift to you.

You're not just a customer: you're part of our testing team, too.

You're not just another order number.

We launch 10 products a year and care what you think the most. Our customers have told us some of our products are too sweet, and we've changed them. They've given us a whole host of feedback that we've implemented because you are what counts.

And this is why our customer satisfaction score is currently at 96% (and we think we can get it even higher!).

So this is why we're "Aussie As."

We're 100 per cent dedicated to serving you the best we can, and we thank you for your support!

Founder and Owner of Bulk Nutrients Ben Crowley

Ben Crowley

Ben Crowley, founder of Australia's top sports supplement brand, Bulk Nutrients, combines two decades of industry experience with a commitment to employee work-life balance and career growth.

A firm believer in quality, Ben founded Bulk Nutrients to provide affordable, high-quality products, even amid global challenges.

Apart from business, he enjoys family time, outdoor activities, and adrenaline-charged car projects.

More about Ben Crowley

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