Alicia Gowans - Inflammation in the body due to injury & how to use alternative therapies plus nutrition to correct

Alicia Gowans - Inflammation in the body due to injury & how to use alternative therapies plus nutrition to correct

Posted by Alicia Gowans on Jul 06, 2016 in #Ambassador Blogs.

I am always research alternative approaches in everything I do. No matter if its training, nutrition or general well-being I am always keen to learn from those around me. They can be experts in their respective fields, any one of my many clients, or the fantastic health professionals that have been guiding me through my rehabilitation for my back injury. There is always something new, different or research orientated approaches to take on board from everyone we interact with, and some have great ideas to apply or at the very least test out. I have always been, and will always be, a science driven nerd at heart (intellect before athlete) but approach everything with an incredibly open mind. I believe the human body is simply fascinating in its genuine ability to heal itself if we only remain open minded, focused on nurturing the vessel we have been blessed with and keep on a path of constant learning.

I will compete on the WBFF Pro stage again soon.

With my recent back injury, I have for the first time in a very long time, been forced to stop in my tracks….. Literally LOL… and LISTEN to my body on EVERY level. Inside and out. And in doing so I have allowed my body to become my biggest teacher yet. Throughout the last 8 months of rehabilitation, I have learned some amazing things about myself. Of these one of the biggest challenges I have had to combat on my comeback journey has been inflammation. Whether you realise it or not, the impact of inflammation goes far beyond the simple protection, repair and regeneration of tissues at an injury site. It can have a major impact on gut health and in turn general well-being.

Back in training with this legend.

Over recent months I have engaged and worked with several expert advisors to make my comeback possible without surgery and at the moment I am actively working with a naturopath to reduce the acidity levels in my body which are a direct result of the inflammation caused by my back injury. We have eliminated a range of foods (many I didn’t consume anyway) like strawberries, chillies, diary, tea and low quality oils. It amazing the effect just taking out the minimal amounts of these foods I may have consumed as part of my nutrition, has had already!

Making progress in my training and recovery.

While I have always been very attuned to my body, I was somewhat taken aback by just how acidic my body had become because of inflammation. And I have to admit, although I am beyond sad that I have had to say farewell to cheese platters and olives, I am comforted by my new protein oats and protein mousse from Bulk Nutrients, which is making me a happy alkalising camper. So for the time been its good bye coffee and hello Aloe Vera Juice, as I alkalise my body back to equilibrium and homeostasis for better performance and long lasting health gains!

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