Bulk Nutrients Rewards Program Updates for 2021

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Overall Rewards Program Updates

The Bulk Nutrients’ Rewards Program has been revised and revamped for 2021.

The new program will see you earning more points per dollar spent, as this has been increased from 1 point per dollar to a minimum of 3 points per dollar. Plus, this rate increases the higher your tier.

Speaking of tiers, we still have the same 4 available but wanted you to reach higher levels quicker. To do this we decreased the amount you need to spend to reach the next tier which makes it much easier for you to progress and earn better rewards quicker.

We also introduced a bunch of new ways to earn points other than just from making purchases. Liking us on social media, writing a review via email after receiving a product and even getting some points to help celebrate your birthday. In each of these cases, we’ve turbocharged the number of points for each activity.

It’s fair to say we’ve made a lot of changes to create a program to truly reward you for being a loyal part of the Bulk Nutrient community. So, let's get stuck into the nitty gritty details and you can start saving today.

Getting Started with Bulk Nutrients Rewards

First things first... to start earning points and progressing through the tiers you’ll need to login to your Bulk Nutrients account. No account yet? Now’s a great time create one.

Once you’re logged in, points will be automatically added when you make purchases. Save up enough and you’ll be able to redeem them for a handy coupon for your next purchase.

The Bulk VIP Tiers

Now that you have an account, let's look at the new program, starting with a handy comparison from the old to the new VIP Tiers.

Old VIP Tiers:

(start here)Spend $500Spend $1,000Spend $2,000
1 point per $11 point per $11 point per $11 point per $1

New VIP Tiers:

(start here)Spend $250Spend $500Spend $1,500
3 point per $14 point per $14 point per $15 point per $1

Yeah. We agree that the new program completely trumps the old one.

A good rewards program should have genuine incentives for those who support us by continually purchasing our products and we believe ramping up the points acquired on the higher tiers does exactly this.

The Finer Details of the VIP Tier Ladder

All new Bulk Nutrients customers start in the Welcome Tier.

In this tier you earn 3 points per dollar spent which is already a huge improvement on the previous system.

After your first $250 spent you’ll be welcomed into the Bronze Tier where you’ll earn an extra point per dollar spent and to reward you for your first step up in the Bulk VIP ladder.

Once you then spend another $250 ($500 total) you’ll continue to climb the ladder to the Silver Tier where you’ll still earn 4 points per dollar but you’re one step closer to the Gold Tier. You will also have bragging rights over your friends in the Welcome and Bronze tiers... but it’s definitely not a competition :).

Finally, spend another $1000 ($1500 total) and congratulations you’ve made it to the very top of the ladder... the illustrious Gold Tier. Here you’ll earn a whopping 5 points per dollar spent and at that rate every $100 spent will earn you a $5 coupon for your next order.

Oh, and if you were already in the Bronze, Silver or Gold tier before 2021, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll keep it, except now with an improved points per dollars spent ratio!

12 Month Bulk VIP Tier Reset

This is the last point on the VIP tiers and the most important... once you spend enough to reach the next tier, you’ll be placed in that tier and it’ll be locked in for 12 months.

During that 12 months you’ll need to maintain the required spend for the tier you entered to stay there.

That means if you reach the lofty heights of the Silver tier and want to stay there, you’ll need to spend $500 every 12 months. The good news is that you’ll be racking up the Whey Cool Points really, really fast!

For more information on the tiers check out VIP Tiers at Bulk Nutrients.

Earning and Spending Points

Earning Whey Cool Points

The main way to get Whey Cool Points is to make purchases... but that’s not the only way you can accumulate a tidy pile of them. The new program has more ways to earn and greater point rewards.

Let's once again look at another comparison of the old program vs the new one.

Create an account50 Points250 PointsAvailable once only
Happy Birthday25 Points500 PointsAvailable once a year at the end of your birthday
Follow us on Twitter10 Points50 PointsAvailable once only
Like us on Facebook10 Points50 PointsAvailable once only
Follow us on InstagramN/A50 PointsAvailable once only
Write a review via emailN/A100 PointsAvailable multiple times

A small note - earning points by liking/following social media accounts can only occur once (i.e. unliking/unfollowing and reliking/refollowing will not earn you more points).

Spending Whey Cool Points

Now to the fun part where you get to spend your hard-earned Whey Cool Points on coupons.

Reaching the coupon milestone allows you to cash in your points saving you cold hard cash at checkout.

$5 Coupon$10 Coupon$25 Coupon$50 Coupon
500 points1,000 points2,500 points5,000 points

So for every 500 points you earn, you can redeem a $5 coupon off your next order... which begs the question do you redeem them straight away or should you hoard them and wait for the $50 coupon, the choice is yours and we won’t judge you either way.

24 Month Whey Cool Point Reset

Think of Whey Cool Points like muscles... if you don’t use them, you’ll lose them.

You have 24 months from your last order to spend them or your points will reset to zero. Once you place a new order the 24 month timer resets. So if you make an order every 23 months your Whey Cool Points will remain.

For more information on spending and earning Whey Cool Points check out Bulk Nutrients' Whey Cool Points.

The Whey Cool Points Tab

And finally... when you’re logged into your Bulk Nutrients account, you’ll find an orange tab in the lower left-hand side of your screen that displays your Whey Cool Points total. Clicking/tapping this and will pop up a screen that’ll be your best-friend when it comes to the new Bulk Nutrients’ Reward Program.

Bulk Nutrients' Whey Cool Points Interface
Bulk Nutrients' Whey Cool Points Interface

Inside the tab it gives you quick access to all the useful links you’ll need.

Earn points
Shows you all the ways to accrue points and contains all the social media links and date of birth link.

Get rewards
You can redeem your Whey Cool Points into coupons here.

Displays your current tier, the date you reached the tier, and tracks your Bulk VIP ladder progress.

Shows you all your recent transaction activity and the status of any pending Whey Cool Points.

Answers to all the frequently asked questions.

If you are still unsure about anything to do with the new rewards program, check out the individual pages for our Rewards Program or get in touch through our contact us page.