How to travel with powders under new Australian Government restrictions

How to travel with powders under new Australian Government restrictions

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Jun 26, 2018

Do you frequently fly with supplements in your carry on? Listen up! New laws come into force on June 30 that restrict powders on flights in and out of Australia.

As the result of a failed terror attack on an Etihad flight out of Sydney last year, the Australian Government are taking bigger precautions with the carrying of powdered products on international flights.

So what does that mean for those of us travelling with our favourite Bulk Nutrients protein powders? Let’s find out…

What are the changes to travelling on flights with powders?

In a nutshell, the Australian Government are placing restrictions on inorganic powders taken onto planes as of June 30.

Just like liquids, gels and aerosols, any powders you’re carrying will need to be presented separately at security screening.

This applies to flights out of Australia and Australian domestic passengers departing from international terminals.

What powders are restricted on Australian planes?

Basically, restrictions apply to inorganic powders, see the table below for clarification on what is and isn’t ‘organic’.

What is and isn’t restricted on flights. Source: Home Affairs

Inorganic powders include salt, talcum powders and cleaning products for example.

Lucky for us, protein powder is considered an organic powder and is therefore not restricted on flights, yay!

Our tips on flying with powdered supplements

To avoid confusion and stresses at security we’d recommend our various Sample Packs and capsulated product range when flying.

From your staple proteins such as WPI, Earth Protein and Protein Matrix+ to Dessert Sample Pack and Quick Protein Oats; there’s a Sample Packs to suit your needs. Capsules are also a great option as they take up very little space and involve no mess.

Another tip we have is to clearly label any powders you do take on board. Whether that be cutting out and sticking on product labels to ziplock bags or simply writing details on. However, the easiest solution is to take travel sized packs that clearly state the contents of the powder.

If you need to take larger bags of proteins or aminos on your trip, just include them in your checked-in luggage instead. It’s a safer option than losing a big bag of quality Aussie made supps, right?

For further information on the impending changes, take a closer look at the Home Affairs website.

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