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The Potential Health Benefits of Vitamin C In Your Diet

What are the potential benefits of adding Vitamin C to your diet?

What is Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C?

Renowned for its potent antioxidant characteristics, Vitamin C is commonly used as a supplement for people seeking to boost their immune system, reduce fatigue or aid in the absorption of other vital nutrients.

Ascorbic acid plays a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen, helping benefit the overall wellbeing of skin, cartilage and connective tissues.

A lack of Vitamin C causes a disease called scurvy – a disease first linked to sailors in the 1800s, when the fruit taken on long ship journeys would perish before the voyage was completed. Symptoms of scurvy include weakness, fatigue, and bleeding gums.

What Are The Benefits of Vitamin C?

Easily mixed with water in powder form, or coming in several capsule/tablet formulations, one of the benefits of Vitamin C is its ease of consumption.

Several studies have been undertaken into the potential health benefits of Vitamin C, with the consensus being the use of ascorbic acid can enhance overall wellbeing.

Vitamin C’s Antioxidant Effects

Vitamin C must be ingested by humans for survival – and luckily for us, it’s a known antioxidant, with the effects demonstrated in several experiments.

Studies have shown that consuming more Vitamin C can increase your blood antioxidant levels by up to 30 per cent, helping the body’s natural defences fight inflammation.

Vitamin C for the Immune System

One of the most popular uses for Vitamin C is to treat and prevent common colds and flu symptoms. But how effective can this be?

Ascorbic acid and its potential impact on the immune system has been studied extensively.

A study in 1999 tracked the impacts of a megadose (1000mg) of Vitamin C compared to pain relievers and decongestants, in hundreds of students when they reported cold and flu like symptoms.

A control group of 463 students aged between 18 and 32 received the pain relief and decongestants, while 252 students aged between 18 and 30 received an hourly mega dose of Vitamin C for the first 6 hours, and 3 times daily after that. Those in the test group who didn’t report cold and flu symptoms received a dose of ascorbic acid 3 times a day.

Overall, reported cold and flu symptoms in the test group decreased by 85%, compared with the control group, after the dose of Vitamin C – with the study concluding a megadose of Vitamin C relieved and prevented symptoms.

A more recent review analysed the impact of Vitamin C on the common cold when it came to prevention, duration and severity. It found Vitamin C gave an 8% reduction in the duration of a cold for adults and 13% for children. It did however find therapeutic use was not effective but suggested it might be worthwhile for people with a cold to test Vitamin C on an individual basis to see what works.

Vitamin C and Iron

Ascorbic acid is able to help increase the accessibility and absorption of iron. Taking Vitamin C has been shown to make it easier for people to absorb iron from their food when taking an iron supplement. A vitamin C supplement can assist with this, as well as foods like fruits that are higher in ascorbic acid.

A study published in 2023 compared the consumption of a 100mg dose of iron in the morning taken with coffee, or with orange juice which is high in Vitamin C. When taken with orange juice, there was a fourfold increase in absorption, with around 20mg more iron absorbed per dose.

What are the potential health benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Collagen

Ascorbic acid has been described as necessary for the formation of collagen, with a lack of ascorbic acid having an impact on inadequate production of collagen in the human body. Ascorbic acid can help heal wounds and burns quicker, as it is used rapidly for collagen synthesis when impact to the skin occurs. For this reason, collagen supplements often include Vitamin C.

Vitamin C for Skin

Vitamin C has also been studied for its effects on preventing ultraviolet-induced skin pigmentation from occurring, and regulating the production of collagen. The study revealed it is effective in treating uneven and wrinkled skin, with properties that help depigmentation, but long-term use might be needed to achieve noticeable changes.

Vitamin C for Eyesight

Observational studies have suggested that adequate Vitamin C intake may help lower a person’s risk of developing cataracts, a condition that impairs vision by causing your eye to become cloudy.

Vitamin C for Bones

Several observational studies have shown improved bone density and reduced hip fracture risk with supplementation. Its effect on bone fracture and soft tissue injury has been promising in animal models.

How Much Vitamin C to take?

Different studies have reported different amounts of Vitamin C to take, depending on several health factors, and how much you get from your regular diet.

A general guide for consumption is around 1 gram per day.

It’s always recommended to see a medical professional before adding a new supplement into your diet.

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Ebony Abblitt

Ebony is our resident wordsmith here at Bulk! A reforming journalist and a graduate of the University of Tasmania, she's our resident copywriter, cat mum, pilates princess and (self appointed) Chief Swiftie!

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