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What is Chromium Picolinate?

Chromium picolinate is a safe, alternative form of chromium that’s often found in dietary supplements. It is believed to support insulin function, which plays a role in controlling a person’s blood glucose levels, and when included in a nutritional supplement, it has proven popular for its potential to help aid in weight management.

Feeling Peckish? Chromium Picolinate is Linked to Lowering Cravings!

Weight loss supplements are popular for many people who need assistance in losing weight or are struggling with food cravings and feeling hungry. Researchers have investigated whether chromium picolinate can help with that… and there’s some good news!

While scientists are always studying what can benefit food cravings and hunger pangs, chromium picolinate has been linked to reducing hunger and binge eating in some research outcomes.

One eight-week study saw a group of overweight women take 1 milligram of chromium picolinate. During that time, it was found they reduced their food intake, hunger, and cravings, with the effects of chromium on the brain linked to that. Another study looked at the possible benefits of chromium picolinate for people with binge-eating disorder. It was found that doses between 600 micrograms and 1 milligram of chromium picolinate per day may lead to the reduction of binge eating episodes and depression symptoms.

Other research has looked at chromium picolinate in people with binge-eating disorder or depression. An eight-week of 113 people with depression were given either chromium or a placebo, with researchers finding appetite and cravings were reduced in those who were given the supplement.

Chromium Picolinate and Its Role In Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

In potentially promising news for diabetes patients, chromium picolinate has been linked to supporting insulin function. There have been multiple studies linking the use of chromium picolinate with improving blood sugar in diabetes patients. One of those studies discovered that over 16 weeks, a small amount of chromium per day was able to lower blood sugar and improve the body’s response to insulin, with more research revealing that people with higher blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity can respond better to the use of chromium picolinate.

A study published in 2015 of more than 60,000 adults in the US showed the likelihood of a person having diabetes was 27% lower if they took a dietary supplement that contained chromium.

It’s not recommended to drop everything and start trying this – always stick with the advice of your medical team.

Chromium Picolinate and Weight Loss

The big question… can chromium picolinate help me lose weight? While there’s no guarantee on that because each person has different nutritional needs and responses to supplements, here’s a look at what some of the research suggests.

Chromium is linked to nutrient metabolism, meaning multiple studies have been undertaken to determine whether it is an effective supplement for weight loss, given it can impact eating behaviour.

Firstly, let’s look at an analysis of nine separate studies. Across these studies, more than six hundred overweight or obese people were given a dose of chromium picolinate to see if the mineral was useful in helping them lose weight. They took up to one milligram of the supplement, which is linked to small amounts of weight loss after three to four months. In this analysis, researchers said the impact was questionable and the effectiveness of chromium picolinate wasn’t clear, but there were links to its use and weight loss.

Another analysis came to a similar conclusion after looking at 11 studies, finding a smaller amount of weight loss after up to six months' worth of taking chromium picolinate.

While the science doesn’t necessarily stack up on the use of chromium picolinate for weight loss solely by itself, it is likely to help aid in weight loss, especially when combined with other nutritional supplements, due to its links with maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing hunger cravings.

How Do I Take Chromium Picolinate?

Chromium is found naturally occurring in several food sources, including meat, fruits and vegetables, and whole grain products. Chromium picolinate can also be found in several nutritional supplements targeted towards maintaining blood sugar levels and weight management. It’s always recommended you see a medical expert or nutritionist before adding a new supplement to your diet, to ensure it helps you meet your goals.

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