Most Satisfied Protein Supplements Customers 2018, 2019 and 2020

Most Satisfied Protein Supplements Customers 2018, 2019 and 2020

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Sep 16, 2020
Bulk Nutrients Ambassadors reaction to winning 2020 Award

Wow. We can hardly believe it! Bulk Nutrients has been rated No.1 for Customer Satisfaction for the third year in a row!

Back in 2018 when we won our first Canstar Blue award we were so surprised to have taken out the top spot for the Protein Supplements category. Three years on, words can’t describe how it feels to remain your favourite this entire time.

At Bulk Nutrients, we prioritise our customers in everything we do because we want you to enjoy your experience with us. We pride ourselves on continually improving our product offering and providing quality customer service.

Thank you all so much for choosing to shop at Bulk Nutrients and helping us get here!

Bulk Nutrients HQ receiving the 2019 Award

Winners are Grinners!

We recently received some great news at Bulk Nutrients HQ. Well actually we received it at site 2. Site 2 is a little surprise we’ve been keeping locked away. It’s where our marketing team have been for the past 12 months and we also use this location for some exciting R&D work! We’re talking new projects unlike anything we’ve done before….

The main team are still down at rural Grove, 20 minutes away, in our 3000m2 factory that was once an apple cool store.

Bulk Nutrients was rated number #1 for customer satisfaction in 2018, 2019 and 2020

For the Canstar Blue awards 6000 potential customers are surveyed randomly each year on aspects of protein supplements, i.e. taste, quality, texture, customer service, value for money etc, with the highest scorers making the top 10. We were taken aback by winning this in 2018 for “most satisfied customers” in the protein supplement category, so were massively thrilled to win it again in 2019 and 2020.

Canstar Blue - Protein Supplements (Powders & Bars) Compared

So, why does it matter?

Canstar Blue matters as it's independent and compares various companies that make or sell protein. Many companies don’t make the cut as they don’t receive enough votes, so Canstar means size and quality are both considered – making the top 10 is an achievement.

To us it means a huge sense of legitimacy – virtually all our competitors’ products are being bought in supermarkets.

While we aren’t “small” anymore, most of our competitors are huge, or at least they’re part of much larger businesses. Optimum Nutrition for example (who made the runner up spot) are part of the three billion dollar Glanbia conglomerate.

At the end of the day, we're a team of hugely passionate people working to smash out high quality supplements at Australia's best prices.

Bulk Nutrients is a 100% Australian Sport Supplement Company

Bulk Nutrients is a 100% Australian Sport Supplement Company

Iconic Australian brand Rip Curl recently sold to a company from NZ, Bellamy’s baby formula is in the midst of a Chinese buyout. But we have no such issues at Bulk Nutrients. We are still 100% family owned, researched, developed and packed in our facility in Tasmania.

We employ locals, many of who were previously unemployed (our municipality has a high unemployment rate) and spend millions every year on Tasmanian and Australian stock and services. We believe in keeping things local where ever possible as we love being Aussie owned and operated.

Bulk Nutrients is Customer Focussed

Bulk Nutrients is Customer Focussed

The thing that makes extra warm and fuzzy is the feedback we receive from customers. We constantly hear feedback that the consistently high level of service we provide is appreciated. While we work extremely hard to ensure products are high quality and well-priced, we don’t skimp on service, something so many do when value is prioritised. If you have an issue or want advice, you can always chat, email or call and we’ll help in every way possible.

Bulk Nutrients and it's supplements are constantly evolving

Bulk Nutrients and it's supplements are constantly evolving

Constant improvement is the order of the day at Bulk HQ. For example, a little secret is we’re having an in-depth look at our Earth Protein (we review all product lines regularly), this involves doing some head to head comparisons with other plant-based products priced at more than double the price of ours. Despite our products being higher in protein, internal blind tests suggested our Earth Protein also had a better texture and a better taste than our two main competitors already.

Happy? Sure, but we did this comparison as we believed we could make our existing product even better, so these results just encouraged us to strive for a greater result with the improved formula we are working on. We hope it’s this kind of thinking which helps us stay in front, ensuring that we are always providing high quality, effective supplements at great value for customers.

Most of all, thank you for supporting us and helping us get this seriously good award for two years in a row! If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us here.

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