My Top 3 Bulk Picks

My Top 3 Bulk Picks

Posted by Lara Gya on Mar 28, 2018

With so many supplement options out there, it can be hard to choose the right ones for you.

I have been using Bulk Nutrients products since my weight loss journey began a few years ago and am now fortunate enough to be an ambassador for their amazing products.

I swear by Bulk’s products and would recommend them to anyone! Bulk Nutrients supplements have been with me through every step of my fitness journey… Literally.

Lara with some of her favourite Bulk products.

So, what supplements do I use?


A scoop of either Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) or Thermowhey goes into my rice flakes for breakfast pretty much every day.

Let me promise you, these proteins will not make you bulky!

Protein aids metabolism, keeps us feeling fuller for longer and a protein shake post workout helps muscles to recover more quickly.

Favourite flavours

Chocolate, Salted Caramel and their newest flavour Rocky Road.

Lara likes using Bulk’s WPI in breakfast recipes.

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

These are a product I swear by. They help speed up muscle recovery and also curbs my sugar cravings!

Whenever I train, I make sure I have a shaker of BCAA Recovery with me as they aid with muscle recovery and growth.

During comp prep, I also find that BCAAs helped me to maintain muscle mass whilst in a calorie deficit. Plus, did I mention they make great icy poles in summer?

Favourite flavours

Tropical or Lemonade.

Lara loves sipping on BCAAs during training.

Pre Workout/Stimulants

I usually try to avoid using stimulants, but if I do need something to get me up and about when I’m feeling sluggish, this does the trick.

I am not a coffee drinker, so any stimulant has quite a strong effect on me. At the moment, I only use it when I really lack energy in the morning and need a pick me up.

For this I use Bulk Nutrients’ AM Burner during my weight loss phase. Or I’ll use Pre Workout 101 when I need the caffeine, but not the fat burners.

Favourite flavours

In Pre Workout 101 I love the new Berry Lemonade flavour!

AM Burner only comes in one flavour option which is Grape/Orange, which tastes amazing too.

Need some stims to help get you up and going?

Where to from here?

Whilst there are so many supplements out there, these three are my staples.

If you are confused about using supplements, my advice is to start with the basics: Protein, BCAAs and a stimulant (if you feel like you need one).

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