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Our own in-house THERMO SCIENTIFIC spectrometer testing the quality of Bulk Nutrients supplements

While we have a great relationship with our long-term suppliers, every shipment of goods we receive goes through a rigorous “pre-screening” process, where our Quality Assurance Manager inspects all paperwork and verifies the suitability of each ingredient.

We also send tens of samples away each month for quality and microanalysis, ensuring that each quality and safety parameter is in check. This is well in excess of what is required by legislation.

As we develop, blend and package every product we sell, we take things a little further than most. We know the importance of purity to athletes and it's a responsibility we think lies very much with us.

Over the last 12 months, we have taken it a step further, with our own in-house THERMO SCIENTIFIC spectrometer.

Our QA manager Vince, who has 35 years’ experience carefully analyses and plots every ingredient we stock. This means instantaneous checks can be done on-demand, in real-time, with new batches of every ingredient received able to be verified.

Here our QA Manager Vince is documenting and confirming the match of several amino acid ingredients, a process which he regularly does.

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