Three supplements for the everyday Aussie

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Three supplements for the everyday Aussie

1. Multivitamin supplements: Why they're worth it

Let's be honest: our lives aren't beautiful and perfect Instagram feeds, eating the perfect balanced diet of macro and micronutrients daily. We're only human.

So sometimes, when life gets in the way, we need a daily dose of vitamins to complement whatever we have the chance to eat. We're talking about multivitamins, that can be consumed via tablet or in powdered form.

As well as providing us with the vitamins and minerals we can miss, research into multivitamins shows mood benefits, and specifically, a reduction in a dejected or depressed mood.

Conversely, when we're dieting and aren't getting the same amount of food as we're used to, research shows a multivitamin supplement can benefit us.

Here's a snapshot of what's available in our Bulk Nutrients Vital Pre Mix:

Bulk Nutrients Vital Pre Mix Nutritional Panel

If you feel like you're not getting enough nutrients in your diet, and/or you're currently dieting, a multivitamin blend may just be beneficial!

2. Fibre: A supplement for everyone's health

Here's the brutal truth: research proves what many health experts have long suspected: Aussies don't get enough fibre. And that's 83% of us to be precise!

Fibre comes in varieties of insoluble and soluble:

Insoluble: Not absorbed in our digestive tracts, but critical in allowing for bowel movements to avoid constipation.

Soluble fibre: Metabolised by bacteria that reside in the large intestine. 

Previous recommendations were to eat 14 grams of fibre per 1000 calories, but new research declares:

"The ideal intake should be more like 50g/d .."

The other reason fibre is important is because of its role in fat loss. Here are some facts to remember about fibre:

  1. It makes you fuller for longer: increasing chewing time and for food to pass through your stomach.
  2. It promotes the growth of a more favourable gut microbiome, which is linked to reduced weight gain long term.
  3. Researchers declare that the above factors mean fibre paves the way for more frictionless fat loss.

It's hard to get enough fibre every day, particularly when life gets busy and we're looking for meals on the run! Our Bulk Nutrients Tri Fibre supplement was created to solve this very problem, and to ensure you're getting all the aforementioned benefits of fibre! Our Tri Fibre supplement contains a healthy 5.8 grams of fibre per serve.

A fibre supplement is a great solution for optimal health.
A fibre supplement is a great solution for optimal health.

3. Protein powder

Last but DEFINITELY not least! This is the supplement many Australians might need more of.

Protein creates antibodies for the immune system and is critical for satiety; ensuring we don't overeat and stay in shape.

Also, protein is obviously what promotes muscle growth and recovery -- critical in fighting off sarcopenia (muscle wastage) to set ourselves up for better mobility and quality of life as we age. 

Protein is also low in calories (just 4 calories to the gram) and is superior to fat and carbohydrates in terms of the calories burned by our body when we consume it. 30% of the calories consumed from protein are lost upon digestion -- that number is more than double for fats and carbohydrates. 

Protein powder is a great low-calorie breakfast option and a super convenient way to get protein when you need it (without excess calories), and a great supplement to consume on the go to prevent overeating.

Our Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate contains ~26 grams per serve depending on the flavour and is a great way to ensure you meet your daily protein needs, regardless of your health and fitness goals.

Protein: Packed with benefits for everybody.
Protein: Packed with benefits for everybody.

So there are three supplements backed by science, that Australians should consider taking for optimal health and wellbeing! They are the perfect partner to a balanced diet, that ensures you get what you need for better health when life gets in the way.

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