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Trouble shooting your protein powders and desserts

Posted by Nicole Frain in Product Information

Estimated reading time: 4mins

Trouble shooting your protein powders and desserts

Quick Protein Oats are dependent on cooking in your microwave, which means they solely rely on your own device settings. It’s important to cook on ‘high’ when the directions tell you to, and if you’re not sure what your microwave cooks like, perhaps cook a little under the allocated time, check, then cook a little more.

Here’s how to perfect our protein oats.

My oats are gluggy

Overcooking any oats will make them a thick mix that you can stand your spoon up in. To prevent this, it’s important to cook for the recommended time or just under if you have a strong microwave. You could also opt to add more liquid at the start of the cooking process and if you haven’t cooked them too far, you can rectify your oats by adding more water or milk after cooking and stirring through.

My oats boiled over

When you put your bowl in the microwave, was it so full that you had to be careful you kept it level? You might need to get a bigger bowl. Not only do oats expand as they cook, but they can also bubble a bit as they release hot air. So switch to a bigger bowl.

My oats are too runny

Similar to ‘gluggy' oats, your microwave may be a bit weaker in power than the alternative of overcooking and having a strong one!

Try cooking for a bit longer at 20-second intervals. Also worth considering is if you interrupted the cooking numerous times to check. If you do this you will let all the hot air out and delay cooking, so just let it work its magic.

If you use chilled cold water or milk as appose to general tap/room temperature liquid you may also need a little longer as the liquid will take longer to reach a higher temperature and start the cooking process.

Trouble Shooting Protein Hot

Not much can go wrong with Protein Hot, We recently have updated our recipe so now you can simply add a scoop of Protein Hot to a mug and pour in boiling water while mixing.

The perfect Protein Hot!

However, if you find your Protein Hot isn’t mixing properly or isn’t completely smooth, try mixing the powder with a small amount of cold water to form a paste before slowly adding boiling water and mixing at intervals.

Trouble Shooting Mug Cakes

Much like our Protein Oats, Mug Cakes are hard to mess up. The main concern is that your microwave temperature varies and so you may need to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Our Mug Cakes are so easy and delicious if made properly.

My Mug Cake has no sauce

Just like oats, this can depend on your microwave temperature. If your microwave is super powerful, we recommend less cooking time, or more liquid (20mls more).

It may also be your mug. If it’s already hot, your mix will reach temperature and start cooking sooner. The same goes for the liquid you add in.

My Mug Cake isn’t cooked enough

This is better than overcooking it, which is pretty difficult to come back from. Just place back in the microwave and cook at intervals of 15 seconds until your cake is tasty and cooked. As opposed to overcooking, it’s likely your microwave, cup or liquid was too cool, to begin with.

The take-home message

So, it’s important to remember there can be a handful of reasons why your protein treats or protein powder might not be working as you envisioned. Try some adjustments and you might be quickly pleased! If in doubt, we are here to help! Let us know your own troubleshooting tips and tricks.

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