Protein for the great outdoors!

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Protein for the great outdoors!

A new name for protein? What the hell?

We know what you are thinking, here we go………

Scientifically formulated, the latest ingredient just patented, life-changing effects, it’ll take the world by storm”………yup, heard it all before.

Well, some of that is true. We do think it could take the world by storm, but none of it is really new. It’s been under all our noses all along, only us folks at Bulk Nutrients were the first to put it together.

Before we tell you what it is, let’s take a step back.

Once upon a time, work in Australia meant physical work. Whether it’s on the farm, on the building site, or any outdoor activity... And you may remember there was a staple Australian diet which has kinda been lost, now we’ve all gone a bit, well soft!

Nowadays it is "sprouted" this, "activated that", paleo, organic, plant-based, dairy-free, it really is hard to keep up. As a protein user you are being told dairy is dead, the plant is where it’s at and now you’re probably wondering what collagen is for? Depending on how deeply you have read, you may have understood that all these “modern” proteins have flaws, and you’d be right.

Before we break cover, it all comes back to balance. When there’s yin you need yang, we need the feminine to balance masculine, and we need play to balance work.

Introducing: M&3V!

Now, don’t be afraid of a protein that sounds like Elon Musk’s kid, it’s simply “meat and 3 veg” – yep, the same staple, which has fed Australians for hundreds of years.

Combining pure protein from beef (collagen), with fava beans, yellow peas and carrot protein sources, Bulk Nutrients have come up with the first protein blend ever which is certified by the CSIRO to be more balanced than whey. This protein will virtually eliminate all catabolism and thanks to the unique symbiotic interaction between the protein sources and peptide bonds, will lead to better muscle recovery than any protein ever before!

But that is just the start, you want the real benefits, look what it’s done for Will.

Introducing Will Rogers... (Australian Strongman Extraordinaire)

Like a lot of Australian blokes, Will loves to work with his hands. Will drives a ute, knows how to use a power tool or two and loves his protein shakes as much as a cash job on the side.

Will and his tradie mates are as dedicated as any office exec when it comes to their training, in fact, go to any 24-hour gym in the suburbs at 6 am and you’ll see the car park full of Hiluxes, Navaras and Rangers loaded with tools.

The problem Will and his mates realised were that no one was making a protein for them. Since they were told the iced coffee and pie didn’t cut it for post-training nutrition, they’ve all been a bit lost as to what to take, most settling on Chocolate WPI or WPC.

Will’s girlfriend loves collagen and she thinks it would be good for his skin, but Will’s as likely to buy collagen as he is to put on night cream! He's heard about this plant-based stuff but Will doesn’t think the vegan life is for him, he’s heard the maintenance alone on those man buns is huge! Paying lots for clothes to look poor, yeah, not Will’s thing either.

Meat and 3 Veg solves all that, collagen which helps his joints, bones and cartilage, and the combination of vegetables for an amazingly broad amino acid spectrum. Do you know what else Will loves? No lactose, which is why we’ve made this one dairy-free – it’s even saving Will and his boss money. If you thought this could not get any better, you probably hadn’t realised we’ve singlehandedly solved another major issue for guys like Will who work outside.

With the building industry booming there are a lot of people working outside. The problem is lactose intolerance is rising too, especially in young men.

Let’s just say a worksite full of tradies, gut issues, hot days and portaloos aren’t a good combination!

Without lactose Will’s guts are good. More time on the tools, less on the portaloo and more of that protein is being absorbed, fuelling his muscles and not his farts.

What about flavours?

For what is really a traditional product (meat and 3 veg) simply in a different form we knew we had to go with the classic Aussie flavour – Gravy. We’ve teamed up with Gravox here, the gurus have reduced the salt but maxed out the flavour. Damn, it is good, you’ve just gotta taste it! We had Will down in the lab at Bulk Nutrients for a few days getting the flavours right.

While we tried chocolate, vanilla and even fruit flavours, Gravy really shone when it came to the chunks. It’s probably a good time to talk about the sole negative of M&3V, it doesn’t quite mix as well as we’d hoped, and you do feel the chunks on the back of your throat a little. Look, if that’s the sole negative of something which tastes this good and builds muscle like no tomorrow, we think you’ll agree it’s a small compromise you’ll accept.

How is it sweetened, is it natural?

Before developing M&3V we didn’t think it was possible to launch a protein product without sweetener, but the magicians at Gravox have proved us wrong. While we’d usually sing about using natural sweeteners, we’ve gone one step further – this one uses no sweetener at all! The power of Gravox is immense, total neutralises any negatives and honestly, a mouth full of M&3V tastes as good as a fork stuffed with roast lamb, peas, beans and carrot.

Directions for use:

M&3V is very versatile. Want it as a shake? Mix a full scoop with 500mls of water and it can be used in the morning, before, during or after training. Halve the water, pop it into the microwave and there you have the world’s best protein soup/stew (which can be popped into a Thermos). Once winter hits we think this is going to be a staple around the country on the cold mornings at building sites!

What about the nutritionals?

With this one made for those working outdoors, we have upped the dose to a full 50g serve. This delivers over 35g of protein, with minimal carbs and about 6g of healthy fats – most of those being omega 3s. Best of all though the carrot protein means the vitamins and minerals are really high, with tonnes of fibre. While we don’t market it as a meal replacement, we’re pretty sure you could live on this stuff if the world is plunged into Covid lockdowns again. We could certainly think of a lot worse things to be stuck eating and drinking!

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group of product images for proteins