Say Hello To Lemon Cheesecake Flavour!

Say Hello To Lemon Cheesecake Flavour!

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Oct 17, 2018 in #Feature Articles.

A fresh new flavour has joined our team and we think you’re going to love it!

Introducing creamy and tangy Lemon Cheesecake

That’s right Lemon Cheesecake has made its way to our delicious plant-based protein blend Earth Protein rounding out the flavour line up to four. It has also been recently released in our Mug Cakes and Protein Matrix +.

Why Lemon Cheesecake?

We discovered the wonder of Lemon Cheesecake protein back in 2017 during our legendary 12 Days of Christmas.

We paired this unique dessert-inspired flavour with creamy Protein Matrix+ for the giveaway and the response was astounding. The lucky winners who tried it were very impressed and so many Bulk fans campaigned for it to make a comeback to the range permanently.

We always take note of suggestions made by our customers, and this flavour made a frequent appearance on social media polls and feedback provided to our customer service team. So much so that we made it a permanent flavour in our range!

Today you can enjoy Lemon Cheesecake in Protein Matrix+, our gooey instant Mug Cakes and vegan-friendly Earth Protein.

When we tested out the flavour on Earth Protein it worked so well, we just had to make it the next flavour to join the range.

Set to be a very popular flavour

This unique new flavour is a fave here at Bulk HQ and we can see Lemon Cheesecake rising to the level of Rocky Road, which has proved to be a real crowd favourite.

With the right balance of creamy to refreshing tang, Lemon Cheesecake is dessert inspired and really satisfies a craving for sweets.

Not to mention, it’s actually a rather versatile flavour. We’ve found it delicious in protein balls, dairy free protein pancakes, overnight oats or blended into a smoothie.

The benefits of Earth Protein

The Earth Protein blend is a great choice if you’re after a dairy free protein powder. The combination of natural pea and rice protein isolates gives Earth Protein a balanced spread of amino acids, very similar to a whey protein in fact. A complete amino acid spread best supports lean muscle development and faster recovery.

Here are the top five reasons Earth Protein is fab…

  1. Vegan-friendly
  2. Smooth and great tasting for a plant protein
  3. Dairy-free
  4. No artificial flavourings or sweeteners – 100% natural
  5. Balanced spectrum of 18 amino acids

And, if Lemon Cheesecake just isn’t your thing, that’s okay! We have four amazing flavours including Classic Chocolate, Versatile Vanilla and Sweet Salted Caramel.

Love the idea of Lemon Cheesecake but not Earth Protein?

That’s okay. Not everyone is a fan of plant-based proteins, that’s why we’ve introduced this zesty flavour to a couple of other products.

The first to receive a makeover with our Lemon Cheesecake flavour was our protein dessert Mug Cakes. This was followed shorty after by our premium whey blend Protein Matrix+.

What are Mug Cakes?

Bulk Nutrients Mug Cakes are the perfect (almost) guilt free treat for those trying to cut back on high calorie, sugary desserts.

They combine Micellar Casein with Egg Protein and Whey Protein Concentrate for a balanced high protein boost. Almonds, coconut, oats and cacao are also included for their vitamins, minerals and healthy carbohydrates.

Each serve contains 20 grams of protein, 10 grams of carbs and less than 2 grams of sugar and saturated fats.

Mug Cakes are seriously easy to make. You simply tip the sachet into a mug, mix with water and microwave for 60 seconds. This makes them perfect for time-poor sweet lovers.

Why choose Protein Matrix+?

PM+ is our superior whey protein blend. It’s a blend of WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein.

The inclusion of Micellar Casein – a milk protein – makes it a slower release protein, meaning you stay fuller for longer. For this reason it’s a great morning or afternoon snack for when you’re craving something sweet and naughty!

It also contains the lactase enzyme, which means all of our lactose and dairy intolerant friends can still indulge in PM+ without feeling ill or bloated.

In fact many of our non intolerant friends take PM+ as it has a zero bloat effect unlike some other whey proteins.

Want to try our Lemon Cheesecake flavour for free?

At Bulk Nutrients, we know that finding the perfect flavour for your taste buds can be a journey. That’s why we offer every customer a free sample to try before you buy.

Interested in testing our Lemon Cheesecake flavour? You can grab a free sample of it in Protein Matrix here.

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