Stupid Questions Volume 8

Posted by Bulk Nutrients on Apr 05, 2017 in #Ask a Stupid Question.

Hey there!

We’re back in the gym this week with Stupid Questions as we tackle the issue of ‘The Bulge’ and divulge some tips on how to get shredded. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Git Gud has quite the problem on his hands…

How do I approach the subject of ‘The Bulge?’ My mate who dead-lifts in short shorts evidently enjoys them a bit ‘too much’. How do I tell him that he’s scaring people and to wear real pants, without making it weird that 75% of the people in the gym (including me) stare at his junk frequently?

Git we’ve just gotta ask… Why do you want your mate to wear pants if you and 75% of others can’t help but stop and stare at his package?

To us it sounds like you quite enjoy watching the spectacle, but I guess we could be wrong… Perhaps it’s just totally in your face and a tad off-putting?

Anyway, in terms of a solution for your problem… perhaps a light-hearted joke like ‘what are you smuggling under there?’ could do the trick. Or even just be honest and say you won’t lift with him till he starts dressing appropriately.

However, there is also the question of what constitutes ‘real pants’. A pair of compression shorts never goes astray underneath and can certainly assist with holding everything in. They’re only $12 at Kmart, paired with a longer pair of shorts and he’ll be set. But ensure he doesn’t just wear compression, because c’mon everyone knows courtesy shorts are a must, its Gym Etiquette 101!

Good luck with that conversation though Git, could be rather embarrassing admitting that you have been staring at his junk

Nevertheless you’ve won yourself a bag of your fave Bulk Nutrients protein, good work Git.


Jess is making a pretty big request with her question…

Can you write me up an exercise program so I can lose 20kg in the next two months?… But I don’t want to get sweaty or be near other people who are sweaty. Thanks.

At Bulk HQ we believe in the mantra of ‘good things come to those who sweat’. Sweating it out means that you’re putting in the hard yards and in doing that, results will come!

However, after doing some research on the subject of sweat hatred, we came across the most surprising article, ‘8 Workouts You’ll Love if You Hate to Sweat’.  This article gives you eight perspiration-free workout ideas, but we are quite skeptical…

One of the suggestions is to partake in water-based exercise classes… The problem with this is that really you’re just going to sweat into the water instead and you’re still going to get wet so what’s the difference?!

Plus, Jess no exercise program should be aiming to get you to lose 20kg in two months, it’s not at all safe or practical for sustainable weight loss.

Eat clean, supplement with Bulk Nutrients, train hard (sorry but you might have to get a little sweaty) and with time, the results will come.


Matt is looking for tips on how to get shredded…

Do I have to lift small to get cut?

Of course, Matt! There’s no other way to get shredded, you lift heavy with lower reps to get big and low weights with high reps for that cut look. Everybody knows that.

Just kidding! No, just no.

We know it’s harsh but lifting small will only make you look small (and not in a good way!)

Lifting small to get cut is actually quite the myth, as far as we’re concerned, train heavy and hard or go home!

The point of shredding down is to show off your muscles, but if you lift small then do you really have the muscles to show off…

Seriously at some stage you need to lift heavy to build up your muscle mass so that when you do cut down, you have a decent amount of muscle to work with (and show off!)

We’d recommend lifting big to get cut Matt, give it a go!


That’s a wrap for this week guys, thanks for all your questions!

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